Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A different Christmas night.

I think we had a pretty tree this year, even if it was a little unusual it was a good representation of who we are. . . well, maybe what we like. . . okay, what I like since the boys could care less if the tree even had ornaments and Casey wasn't here to help decorate it this year.
Just for the record, that ornament with the Longhorn is in support of the VIOLA Longhorns, not Texas.  I'd hate for the Razorback ornaments to turn in shame if they thought it was a Texas Longhorn. :) 
Our eclectic traditional/cowboy/Cardinals/Longhorns/Razorback/fishing/hunting Christmas tree.

Our Christmas tradition has been the same for several years, Christmas morning Austin usually reads us the Christmas Story from Luke 2, but this year Logan got a new Bible and he wanted read it to us.  It was precious to me to hear my sweet 8 year old reading his new Bible.  After our gifts at home were open we head to Chris's parents for lunch and to spend the early afternoon, then Christmas evening we go to my aunt & uncle's house with Mom's side of the family.  I always look forward to a busy Christmas day and enjoy the time with family.  However, God had different plans for us this year.

Logan reading us the passage in Luke 2 about the birth or Christ.

A white Christmas was in the forecast, so we kept a close eye on the weather.  Casey had a 3 hour drive home Christmas night because she had to work the next day.  I really didn't want her getting stranded somewhere between here and there.  When a friend texted and told her it was sleeting she made the decision to head home.  With a care package from Granny of homemade hot rolls and chocolate dessert, she loaded up and headed southwest.  When we got word it was sleeting closer to us we opted to skip the Christmas tradition and spend the evening at home.

We settled in as the snow started to fall and Chris and the boys put together Logan's new Lego set, then we broke out Austin's new "Whitetailopoly" game.  He beat me....not surprising.

Whitetailopoly, pretty fun game.

Lego time!
While I really missed seeing my family, I'm thankful for the time with my boys, and after Casey called to tell me she made it home safely I was even more thankful! (It only took her 4 1/2 hours to make a normal 3 hour trip....I think she was as glad to be home as I was for her to be home!)

December 26th, he couldn't wait to get outside!
Yes, I was driving, but I was holding the steering wheel which is why the photo is a little tilted.  Some of the drifts touched the running boards of my Yukon.

I am sure the Lord was watching over us all.  We weren't out on the roads during bad weather, which would have only added to the stress of the season, and there is plenty of that without taking crazy chances.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.