Friday, April 29, 2011

I have conquered the beast....

….and the beast is mine!

The Beast!

Never fear, the beast in question is one of the hubby’s new toys…a shiny John Deere zero turn lawnmower. Just 2 short weeks ago I vowed never to get back on the Beast and attempt to cut grass. This declaration came only after I had made myself dizzy by spinning in circles, and then mowed down a baby sawtooth oak tree I’d planted last year. The Beast scared me!  
Then came the rains, and what does 9+ inches of rain do to one’s yard…..makes it grow like crazy! I was beginning to think we should bale it….it is Bermuda grass….for the most part. I don’t like it when the yard looks shaggy, and the hubs was working some long hours, so I thought I would do him a favor and mow. I think he was a little nervous when I called him and asked how to start it. I really think he was afraid he would come home to a scalped yard, but he walked me through the steps to waking the Beast. …and away we went.
Wow, this baby will fly. After 15 minutes I had the hang of using handles rather than a steering wheel and was able to more effectively maneuver this grass chomping machine in the desired direction. Miracles never cease, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Beast was mine!
Granted I didn’t get to the back yard (I’m saving that for Hubs since it is nothing more than a rockpile with a few spriggy tendrils of grass, and it’s on a slope…he likes a challenge), but the front and one side looks great!
Yes, a job that was once no less than 4 hours has now been knocked back to 1 ½…thanks to the beast.

The view from the front porch to the county road.

The view from the county road to the side of the yard.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Lightning Thief

....and this time I'm not talking about the book...or the movie...which is really good so you should rent that, but this time I'm talking about the REAL thing.

I'm's the storms.

This is the 2nd night of major storms....tornado our area. We've had some crazy lightning the last couple of nights. Last night I decided to try to take some pictures of the lightning, which didn't turn out too great, but tonight was a different story.

I'm not crazy about storms, but I'll do just about anything for a good photo. There I was, sitting on the front porch, in a METAL patio chair, holding and ALUMINUM monopod with a camera. I think the front porch may have been wet, too, but I had determination.

I did learn you have to hit the button when you first see the flash, not when you see the streaks, so after about 25 shots with not-so-spectacular light shows, I hit the jackpot! I finally got the elusive lightning shot!

I think I danced....until it thundered really loud right above me and I decided one great shot was enough.

So here it is!

Lightning in the sky, Fulton County, Arkansas, April 26, 2011

What do you think?  Just in case you would like to help me try to get this in a book or calendar you can go here - Capture Arkansas - and vote for me.  (shamelessly asking for votes...please share with your friends and tell them I'm shamelessly asking for votes, and would love theirs, too.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mary or Martha?

I just got an email about a new book (ebook) that is out, "31 Days to Clean"  it's a new approach to cleaning and getting your house in order.  I have the best intentions, but by the time I get home I am exhausted and do good to get the kitchen cleaned up (thanks to the kids).  I have laundry in baskets sitting around the living room, but just don't have the oomph to get it folded and put away. (Don't judge me!) 

Anyway, here's the book...or a link to the book.  I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to.  I do read the author's blog and she's so real and funny.  I may actually enjoy these challenges!

31 Days to Clean