Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A different Christmas night.

I think we had a pretty tree this year, even if it was a little unusual it was a good representation of who we are. . . well, maybe what we like. . . okay, what I like since the boys could care less if the tree even had ornaments and Casey wasn't here to help decorate it this year.
Just for the record, that ornament with the Longhorn is in support of the VIOLA Longhorns, not Texas.  I'd hate for the Razorback ornaments to turn in shame if they thought it was a Texas Longhorn. :) 
Our eclectic traditional/cowboy/Cardinals/Longhorns/Razorback/fishing/hunting Christmas tree.

Our Christmas tradition has been the same for several years, Christmas morning Austin usually reads us the Christmas Story from Luke 2, but this year Logan got a new Bible and he wanted read it to us.  It was precious to me to hear my sweet 8 year old reading his new Bible.  After our gifts at home were open we head to Chris's parents for lunch and to spend the early afternoon, then Christmas evening we go to my aunt & uncle's house with Mom's side of the family.  I always look forward to a busy Christmas day and enjoy the time with family.  However, God had different plans for us this year.

Logan reading us the passage in Luke 2 about the birth or Christ.

A white Christmas was in the forecast, so we kept a close eye on the weather.  Casey had a 3 hour drive home Christmas night because she had to work the next day.  I really didn't want her getting stranded somewhere between here and there.  When a friend texted and told her it was sleeting she made the decision to head home.  With a care package from Granny of homemade hot rolls and chocolate dessert, she loaded up and headed southwest.  When we got word it was sleeting closer to us we opted to skip the Christmas tradition and spend the evening at home.

We settled in as the snow started to fall and Chris and the boys put together Logan's new Lego set, then we broke out Austin's new "Whitetailopoly" game.  He beat me....not surprising.

Whitetailopoly, pretty fun game.

Lego time!
While I really missed seeing my family, I'm thankful for the time with my boys, and after Casey called to tell me she made it home safely I was even more thankful! (It only took her 4 1/2 hours to make a normal 3 hour trip....I think she was as glad to be home as I was for her to be home!)

December 26th, he couldn't wait to get outside!
Yes, I was driving, but I was holding the steering wheel which is why the photo is a little tilted.  Some of the drifts touched the running boards of my Yukon.

I am sure the Lord was watching over us all.  We weren't out on the roads during bad weather, which would have only added to the stress of the season, and there is plenty of that without taking crazy chances.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Art History can be fun!

I found this link on a friend's Facebook page.  It's so great I had to share.  This is the history of Art condensed to 3 minutes set to the music of Bohemian Rhapsody!  Love!

Click and enjoy!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

iPad blogging

So this post is a little test just to see if I can really blog from the iPad. If it works as easily as I hope I should post a little more often.....wonder how to post photos? Hey, I think I figured it out, cool!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo A Day project.

Here's a little challenge for you.  Grab your camera and . . . USE IT!  Participate in Photo A Day; it causes you to really look, in a fresh and creative way, at your surroundings.

I love this idea.  I love using me camera as a tool for catching small pieces of everyday life that we normally take for granted.  I love using my camera....period!  It's a cool camera... I think it loves me, too...I would rescue it from a burning building (okay maybe not a BURNING building...perhaps a smouldering building... which wouldn't be smouldering if I opened the door to run in because the oxygen would hit the smoulder area and cause it to burst into flames thus ruining my camera and making me smell like a freshly branded cow....did I mention the ADD is really bad tonight?  Where was I??) Oh, yeah, rescuing my camera....I think I'll just keep it with me at all times actively reducing the threat of having to run into a burning building to rescue my camera.  I love it when I solve a problem that I hope may never, ever happen; it's just good to be prepared.

Back tot his photo thing.  Here are the rules:  Look at the list, find the appropriate number that coincides with today's date and take a photo of the thing on the list.  Easy breezy! (beautiful Covergirl)  Did I mention I have the attention span of a gnat?   I would set up a linky thing on here, but I don't know how and I'd probably just be embarrassed because only 3 people read my blog and I would feel really goofy if no one posted anything.

Just in case you are having trouble reading the list, I'll post it...because I'm just generous that way.

1.  Peace                                                            17.  Snack
2. Skyline                                                          18.  Something you made
3. Something you wore today                           19.  A favorite place
4.  Fun                                                               20.  Something you can't live without.
5.  Bird                                                              21.  Where you stand
6.  You                                                              22.   Pink
7.  Something that inspires you                        23.  Technology
8  A smell you adore                                        24.  Something new
9.  Something you do everyday                        25. unusual
10.  A favorite word                                         26.  12 O'Clock
11.  Kitchen                                                     27.   Something Sweet
12.  Something that makes you happy             28.  Tbe weather today
13.  Mum                                                         29.   A number
14   Grass                                                         30.   The weather today 
15   Love                                                          31.  Something beautiful
16.  What you're reading

There is your list, now GET BUSY!   (Shhhhhhh!  I'll post mine in a couple of days....)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Joy & Angst....

This is normally a source of least for family might disagree....

I don't play very well; I don't read music very well; and I can only play in 3 keys (probably goes back to that not reading music thing).  My mom's side of the family is very musical, they can all play instruments and play them well.  I wish I had gotten more of that gene. 

But today.....(there's that but)....this lovely little Baldwin beauty has become a source of my angst...along with that wonderful little dark blue songbook perched precariously on the music stand. (Don't you just love the Heavenly Highways Hymnal?  I do...usually)  Why are these normally wonderful things a source of angst?  Because I have to play the piano, out of that songbook, in front of people Sunday morning.  My palms are already sweaty.  (Can you short out an electric piano with the sweat from your palms?)  

It's Phyllis's fault, but I still love her....maybe. (wink)   Phyllis is our church pianist.  She plays by the notes (I wish I could do that).  We have a young man in the church (really young, like 13 or 14) who wants to play his mandolin, so he is playing Sunday morning, a medley from the Heavenly Highways.... "I'll Have a New Life", "When We All Get To Heaven" and "I'll Fly Away".  If you look in the songbook you will see that the first 2 are written in the key of C, if you look at page 54 you will notice that "I'll Fly Away" isn't.  The problem, our mandolin player can only play in C, our pianist can only play by the notes.  She asked me if I could play it in C (which I can, because that's one of the 3 keys I can pick out), and show her the notes.  After showing her the notes she decided I needed to "expand my God-given talents" and play it Sunday morning instead of her. 

Gasp!  I'm having heart palpitations....seriously.   We practiced tonight and our music director (James) is playing the guitar which sounds great, and Cameron is playing is mandolin; which sounds great, and I'm going to attempt to play the piano...which doesn't sound so great.

Pray for me, especially at 11am central daylight time on Sunday morning.  The congregation will thank you.  I will probably be hyperventillating into a paper bag around that time. 

My family will be so glad when Sunday morning is over....I think they are already tired of these 3 songs.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ahhh, that sweet dismissal bell...tone...noise...whatever.

Today was a good day.

The boys got around early this morning, and they didn't fight...well, maybe a couple of cross words, but I can deal with that.

My hair looked pretty good in spite of the rain.

My kids at school were well behaved. 

The BETA Club, FCCLA, & FBLA clubs provided lunch for the teachers for teacher appreciation. 

The sun came out, so I walked to the post office right after lunch (my conference hour),
and look what was waiting for me there!

I think I squealed in the post office.  Thankfully we are in a very, very small town and no one was in there....except the postmaster....but we grew up together so he knows to overlook me.

My last 2 classes of the day only had 5 students each.

The final bell (beep...buzzer...tone...whatever it's called) rang at 3:07, and.........................................

I'M OFFICIALLY ON SPRING BREAK UNTIL MARCH 26TH!   (Oh yeah, it's ma birthday, it's ma birthday....well, not really, but I feel like it.) 

Thanks to Pinterest I have many, many projects planned for this next week.  I'll try to remember to share.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I love sunshine!

 It seems like my efforts to be a better blogger always fall a little short as life gets busier and busier.  Someday I'll have a chance to blog often . . . . maybe.

So here's what we've been up to the last few days (because there have been so many days since I last blogged I don't remember them all)

Thursday it was unseasonably warm.  We're talking 76 degrees on February 23rd.  I thought I was dreaming and we were really in Florida instead of Arkansas.  Just for you skeptics, here's the proof!

February 23, 2012
The last week has been really nice.  We missed two days of school on February 13&14 because of snow, but the days before and the days following the snow have been sunny and warm.  We came around our corner (on the dirt road) and noticed the jonquils were in bloom, so Logan and I decided to take a little walk after school.  Charly (Austin's little Australian Shepherd) went with us, too.  She's such a pretty, sweet little girl...if she would just quit digging up the yard trying to catch a mole.  Maybe I should wish her luck and after she catches the mole our troubles will be over.  I love that dog!  I'll have some pictures of her later.

This sweet boy decided I needed a big boquet of sunshine.  We're really enjoying them! 

I love this sweet boy!

Finally, I've been working on the creative mojo, and I think it's coming back!  I haven't drawn in so long I didn't even know if I could do it anymore, but I did these 2 drawings fairly quickly.  They're just done of 9 x 12 sketchbook paper....scratch that, the horse was done on a drawing paper scrap from school, it's about a 10 x 12.  Both are done with pencil (regular old #2 drawing pencil). 

I've rediscovered my love of pencil.

I think I'll be drawing more since I remembered how to do it.

Drawn from a snapshot I took of Logan.  I think he was 2.  My baby is growing up too fast.
I promise if you see the drawing in person he really doesn't look cross-eyed!

Drawn from a snapshot I took of Casey and her old horse, Dusty. 
She was only about 14 at the time.  I need to work on the face a little, it
just doesn't look exactly right to me, but I'll get it right....eventually.

That's it for now.  I need to get some pictures uploaded from my camera before I do another blog post so it may be a while.  Until then.  May you be blessed, and have a wonderful spring.  I'm calling it spring.  I don't want more cold.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crystal Bridges & the Native American Museum

Better late than never, right?  Here is just a small sampling of the shots I took last Thursday at the Native American Museum and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  Both are located in Bentonville, AR, and both are definitely worth checking out. 

Now let's go native!
There was something representing each nation, but I don't remember exactly which headdresses were which, but they were all absolutely amazing!  The craftsmanship and detail are just beautiful beyond words!

Take a really close look at this hat and necklace.  The hat is made from a bear paw and the necklace is a bearclaw necklace....looks like a piece of the bear's paw, too.  Now I know why the Apache were considered a very strong, fearless nation....anyone who kills a bear with a bow and arrow deserves respect!

This case was filled with ceremonial dance fans and were awesomely gorgeous just like the headdresses.  I wanted the peacock one on the left...but I think the museum people would have frowned on that so I took a picture instead.

Hey, there's my Mamma in a tee-pee.....
 There were so many things at the Native American Museum, you should go and check it out yourself.  I fell in love with the textiles and pottery.

Our next stop was Crystal Bridges.  If you don't know anything about this place you need to change that...soon.  To help further your education here's a link to Crystal Bridges. If I ever see Alice Walton I'm going to hug her neck for creating this wonderful, magical place.....but she would probably just call security because she would wonder who was this strange, crazy woman trying to choke her....

We were treated to a box lunch (which was very good, and the same can be purchased in the museum cafe) then a tour guide came to take our group through the galleries. (yes, gallerIES plural, it's fabulous...I could live there....but then there's that whole security thing)

The galleries are seperated by chronological order, so the older American art was the first we passed through.  We didn't slow down much because our tour guide was on a mission.  She led us directly to this...

 A painting by Asher B. Durand entitled "Kindred Spirits".  Durand was one of the members of the Hudson River School of artists who really focused on nature and landscapes.  Google Hudson River School...that's your homework for today....there might be a quiz.

On to the next gallery and I seriously started having heart palpitations.  There was a MARY CASSATT painting!  Gasp!  The ONLY American to exhibit with Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir... Do you think either of those men touched this painting?

Some of you may not be experiencing the awe and joy as me, but let me tell you, for an Art teacher this was better than an Elvis!

Now, no self-respecting, world-class exhibit of American Art could ever be complete without a little Norman Rockwell, and who better to represent the American people but "Rosie the Riveter" herself.  Yes ma'am, there she is, halo and all...and her foot is placed not-so-delicately upon a copy of Hitler's "Meine Kampf".  Take that, mustache boy!  Look at those guns on Rosie, she could give you a whippin' and make you like it! 

Would you like to guess what was on the wall adjacent to Rosie?  A self portrait by Grant Wood!  Oh yes, THE Grant Wood who painted American Gothic (with the little old couple, a pitchfork, and a gothic window)  I'm pretty sure by this time Mom had bruises on her arm from me digging my fingers in while saying, "Look!  Look!  There's a Grant Wood......."

Oh look, Pinocchio was there, too....I think he was working security.

Continuing through the galleries, you will eventually come to the 20th century rooms, and there you will find Andy Warhol's "Dolly Parton" 

And you will also find a Roy Lichtenstein sculpture.  I took several of this one because I really think the hubs can make me one of these....the man's a master with a welder! 

So, there's your brief tour.  I have tons more photos, but Blogger was being a little cranky tonight and I couldn't get them to load.  I may have to add those later.


I found this on Facebook and discovered you can't pin to Pinterest from Facebook.  GASP!  So I decided to "borrow" it and post it here so I can put it on Pinterest.   I think I have a slight addiction to Pinterest.  I may need a support group.

Is this not one of the sweetest shots you've ever seen?!!  Lindsay, guess what I want to do with you, Lance, and Bennett (when he gets here).  I think we can add Landon's little hands in there somewhere, too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crystal Bridges

I'm so excited, tomorrow I'm going here....Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

I am so excited about this trip. I've read as many articles on the place as I can find.  It is a great Museum founded by AliceWalton (daughter of Mr.Wal-Mart himself) and contains her expansive and expensive collection of American Art. What makes this place unique is the fact there is no admission. Wal-Mart donated something like 20 million dollars to cover admission fees forever....or at least for a very long time.

I also found out I can take my camera in the museum, so the big Nikon is charged and rearin' to go...okay, maybe it's just ready and I'm rearin'

While I had planned a witty post for tonight about the goings on the Jennings clan, my eyes have other plans. For some reason they just won't stay open.....I shall succumb to the Sandman.  In the meantime, check back in sometime and, with a little luck and a few cups of coffee, see the photos I'll have.

You'll probably want to add Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas to your bucket list.