Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm ready for another weekend!

We had such a good Sunday afternoon, even though we were all fighting the sinus/allergy crud we still managed to have a little fun. Chris saddled the horses and he and Casey rode for a while. Logan was very upset until Daddy got back to get him for a little ride. I watched him point to all the cows and jabber up a storm. He's growing up way too fast. While they were riding horses, Austin was climbing trees and I was snapping pictures. Logan fell asleep Sunday night singing "Baby Bumblebee" which sounded more like "bee bee bummelbee", but he got the "Ouch! It stung me!" part down really well.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Upon this spot....

....we will build our house. (or at least pretty close to this spot) This is the view we will have from the kitchen window and greatroom. It's so quiet and peaceful, I can't wait!

September 1st already?

I have gotten so far behind with this blog. My intention was to keep up with at least weekly updates, but we see where that went. I guess my excuse is our old dial-up connection. I'm back at school now with wonderful high speed internet.

Summer has been busy as usual for us. The kids are involved in lots of things, but probably the most exciting thing is building a house. We haven't broken ground yet, but we are getting closer by the day. Tuesday afternoon we staked off the site, I had my camera with me, of course, and got some really great shots of Logan. Austin was running around trees and through the field exploring everything and didn't have time for me. He did, however, find a rabbit hole and had time for me to look at it. I didn't see Alice or a white rabbit with a pocket watch anywhere!

Logan was trying to play hide & seek, but would hide behind a tree and yell, "Find me, Mommy!" At least it was good for a photo op!