Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 more days...

until this movie opens at our "local" theater.

It was produced by the same studio that made The Blind Side, and that movie was awesome!  This weekend is the nationwide opening of Dolphin Tale, so get out and support this movie and show those big Hollywood studios that we want GOOD things to watch, not this trashy, violet, foul-mouthed stuff that seems to be so popular.  Just in case you are in the Mtn. Home area, it's showing at Sun Valley Cinema (they didn't pay me to give them a plug, either....but if you go to their website they do have a coupon for free popcorn....and who doesn't love movie popcorn?

Now, about this girl.  Her name is Winter, she is a bottlenose dolphin, and is a permanent resident of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  She was still a baby when she was found beached with her tail caught in the monofilament line of a crab trap.  It was so damaged her tail had to be amputated just to save her life.  True story. 

Winter with her prosthesis
Winter learned, against all odds, to swim without a tail, and thanks to one persistent kid, she ended up as the first "fish" with a prosthesis...which was made by a doctor who normally makes human prosthetics. 

Winter without the prosthesis, she is so amazing!
 So that's all you're getting from me, you need to go see the movie....go to the matinee and look for us, we will be the ones wearing the "Winter" and "Clearwater Marine Aquarium" t-shirts....Logan said we had to wear them when we go see the movie...I've promised, but I love the shirt! (mine's pink, his is aqua blue with dolphins on it, come say hi)

Just in case you want to know a little more about her...I'm that way, I always want to know more....you can access the CMA website at www.seewinter.com

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend

Saturdays are always busy around here, and holiday weekends are no exception.  We didn't have any super fun plans, though(....well, except Casey, she left Friday for the Chuck Wagon races.... I've said a prayer... I hope her guardian angels can fly fast!)  I was determined to get the basement room set up like a living room for the kids (thanks, Mom, for the couch and recliner).  Chris had some things to do (always), Logan was into something, several somethings, actually, and Austin went with Rich to take Rosie to get her hooves trimmed before the district fair. (She got a little heifer pedicure! )  Nothing out of the ordinary, but I like ordinary days.

Well, maybe "nothing out of the ordinary" isn't exactly correct, we did add a new family member. Her name is Charley, and she is an Australian Shepherd puppy. She is so cute! (I could so be the crazy dog lady...if Chris would let me)

Austin, Logan, and Miss Charley

CJ checking out his new sister.

Darrell was a little miffed, he's afraid he will lose his alpha dog status....not happening, he's still the boss.

The boys ran off and left her this morning, she was sad until they came back.

I wish I had more witty things to say, but I'm watching the Dance Moms marathon on Lifetime.  It's like watching a train wreck, but I can't look away! 

Maybe I'll post again later....