Monday, July 19, 2010

The lost tooth.

Logan has been wiggling his first loose tooth for a couple of weeks now.  Saturday night he finally lost it.  He was biting into an ear of corn and yelled "My tooth! My tooth!".  When he laid his corn down there was some blood around the loose tooth the he could push it almost flat with his tongue.  We decided it was time for the tooth to come out, so Chris took him to the bathroom, had him rinse his mouth, the proceeded to pull the tooth.  There wasn't much pulling to it because the tooth was barely attached.  Logan was very worried about it hurting until Daddy showed him the tooth, then he grinned and said, "Dad's a good tooth puller, that wasn't bad at all!" 

Sunday morning he grinned at everyone in church, he wanted to make sure they saw the gap in his teeth, not to mention he was a dollar richer thanks to a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  He did leave the Tooth Fairy a note that he wrote himself, "Dear Tooth Fairy, can I please keep my tooth?  Love, Logan"  (he had a little help with spelling from me) A request to which the TF graciously consented.

Just one more sign that my baby is growing up!

 Checking out the loose tooth in the mirror.

 Notice the grimmace on his face, afriad the tooth pulling will hurt.

 Checking out the first lost tooth and telling Dad he's a good tooth puller.

Proud of his new smile!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

VBS update

Breaking news from Saddle Ridge Ranch.  The horse thievin' bandit, Steely-Eyed Stan, was eavesdropping outside the classroom doors and heard the Bible stories being taught.  His conscience got the best of him, and he brought back all the things he had taken from the classrooms....he even listened when someone shared the story of Jesus with him....and guess what...Yep, he learned his ABC's (A: Admit to God you are a sinner, B: Believe that Jesus is God's son, and C: confess your faith in Jesus as your Savior and Lord)  Saddle Ridge Ranch has one less outlaw, and God has a new son in His kingdom!

We have some pretty amazing and creative people in our church.  From a simple idea of a wanted poster, to the repentence and salvation of a ficticious character, our youth pastor (Bro. Jeff) and several other helpers (Jason, you may have a career in Hollywood) really showed the kids that salvation can change even hardened criminals.  God's ways are truly amazing!

I didn't get photos loaded tonight, but I'll work on that tomorrow.  Tomorrow night is our parent's night and program.  It has been a fun week, I had to miss Tuesday night, but we are still having a blast.  I almost hate to see it end....almost....I need an unbusy week before school starts.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's Vacation Bible School week at Salem First Baptist Church and we're having a ball!  I have the privilege of helping with the music this year, and the songs are so much fun!  I went to sleep last night with "don't be a tu-uh-uh-umble weed blowin' anywhere the wi-i-i-ind may lead..." going through my head.  Oh, to have the gift to write these songs, but I can't, so I'll just help sing them!

Can you tell this VBS theme is right up Logan's alley?  His normal attire is Wranglers, boots, belt (with giant buckle), and hat.  He also enjoyed the fun game time...barrel racing on stick horses while wearing oversized boots.  LOVE it!

How cute are these twins?  Karen & Derek, you're in trouble in about 14 years!

One more on the lookout for this guy!  He's nothing but trouble!  Last night he stole Bro. Jeff's favorite stick horse, Luke.  He also took a picture from the Kindergarten room and another stick horse and stuffed cow from another classroom!  He's a sneaky varmint, but never fear, by Thursday night there will be a whole passel of new deputies who will be out spreading the Good News and old Steely-Eyed Stan will be out of business....who knows, he may even change his ways....

(Thanks, Jason, for playing along and letting us turn you...uh, I mean your evil twin...into an outlaw)  I made some wanted posters and they're posted all around the church. 

Thanks, Casey, for taking all the pictures for me.  She's got tons that we are going to weed through and turn into a video to show at Sunday morning so all the adults who didn't get to visit Saddle Ridge Ranch will know what fun we had. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Up to our Ears in Corn....

We have some great friends, great friends who have corn...lots of corn...and they like to share!  I wish I had taken a shot of the unshucked corn in the back of the truck, but imagine the bed of a Dodge 2500 filled with corn and you get the idea.  After sharing with lots of family and several friends, Mom and I set out to get our 300+ ears ready to freeze.  That's my Mamma, she said she wanted to be in the picture so everyone would know she worked in the corn.  Honestly, I don't know if I could have done it without her...that was Wednesday, today is Friday, if I'd have had to do it by myself I'd probably still be in the kitchen.

We don't blanch our corn, the ears we just wash really good and let them dry.  When they are dry we just bag them up and into the freezer they go.  The non "cob worthy" ears (ie: the ugly ears) we cut off and make creamed corn.  Once again, there is no heat involved, and we use Aunt Ruthy's recipe:
15 cups of corn (cut off the ears)
5 cups ice water
3/4 cup sugar
2 Tbsp. salt
Mix together, let set for 20 minutes, put in freezer boxes and freeze.

Here's a side note:  If you get Paula Deen's newsletter, the last one had her son Jamie's trick for cutting corn off the cob.  Just rest the ear of corn on the hole of a Bundt pan, and cut the kernels off with a sharp knife.  I tried this little trick and it works GREAT!  The pan catches the kernels and it's really easy.  Good idea, Jamie!

Here's the finished product.  Over 150 ears of corn on the cob ready for the freezer, and lots of creamed corn, too. (I forgot to count the number of quarts and pints, but there were several).  Now to get our 1/2 a beef in the freezer and we will a freezer full of good stuff.  Austin is picking blackberries, and some of those are going in the freezer, too....if he doesn't eat them all.
I really enjoyed working up the corn.  I have so many plans for more good stuff to go into the freezer.  I get such a good feeling to open the freezer, see the good stuff stacked in there, and think, "I did that."