Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did you wonder about me?

Let's see, since the last post, our computer monitor completely died, it won't even come on now, so that really limited me, especially since I can't get to the blog from school because they are "restricted" sites.

Casey just had her Senior prom Friday night. It was beautiful, but kind of sad, too. This was the last one, the last prom dress, the last prom hair appt., the last "Mom, will you do my makeup for prom?" I can't believe she graduates in 2 months....less than 2 months, May 11th! It seems like yesterday she was just a baby!

Austin has had a rough time with stomach yuckies the last week. We are home again today. At least he has a new movie (Eragon) to watch and keep him occupied for a while. He's not a very good patient.

Logan is growing up too fast, too. He will be 3 in June! Last night we were in Lowe's and he announced to the whole store he needed to go to the bathroom. We we came out he told his Daddy very loudly, what he had accomplished. I thought the sales clerk was going to fall over. Oh well, we're entertaining if nothing else!

We've had a minor setback on the house. Our cabinet guy decided to do another job that was HUGE before us. Now we are waiting on cabinets and the other house isn't even close to needing them. Yep, Jesse, our builder, had a not-so-pleasant chat with him. He told us he would have the cabinets ready by the end of March, probably before. WRONG! He's going to START them Monday. I have already informed all those who need to know that I WILL be moving the first week of April, our spring break, with our without cabinets! I think the builder passed that info along. Oh, and we didn't get the carpet in the basement on Monday like we had planned. They discovered the basement has started drawing moisture. I called the doofus who did our basement and he talked to me like I was a complete moron. Did I mention it was right after I'd had a particularly bad day with my 7th grade boys? I ended up talking to this guy like he was one of them and he came out Tuesday to check things out. I told him we weren't happy with his work and definitely WOULD NOT be recommending him to any of our friends. He was more than happy to blame it on the 1st builder....the one we fired.

Time to get off here. I'm posting one of Casey's prom pictures....she just looks too grown up!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Time flies....

...when you have 3 kids, work full time, and are trying to build a house! Poor Chris, he's worked late on the house every night for the last few weeks. I'll be glad when we can move in, maybe he can rest then.

I've meant to try to get on here and post a few new pictures, but our monitor bit the dust, and my good pictures are on that computer. I'm dragging the laptop back and forth until I get a new monitor. I'm hoping it won't be long until I get it, we've got to get crackin' on Chris's 2007 business books! (not to mention I have to be able to get to my pictures!)

So much for posting time, my youngest miracle is sleepy and demanding attention (actually, he wants me to roll up a newspaper so he can use it as a weapon!)

I'll get new house pictures posted soon.....I hope!