Wednesday, January 31, 2007


While snow isn't a big deal for northern and some western regions of the US, it's a BIG deal on January 31st in Arkansas! The forecast this morning was for light snow turning to heavier snow late this evening, but the snow started much earlier than predicted. We got out of school at 1:30 and the ground and roads were competely covered in a matter of 45 minutes!

It's still coming down and I'm pretty sure we've already surpassed the predicted 3-4" of earlier. My little fat birds were happy to see the feeder refilled with sunflower seeds, too. It looks like tomorrow will be a snow day, hot chocolate and jigsaw puzzles for us!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A week's progress

I know it seems like all I ever post is about the house or the kids, but building a new home is very exciting, and I'm a proud mom, if you don't want to hear about my kids you're in the wrong place! Ü

The doors finally went in today, the siding is going on, the dirt work is done, and the electrician is finishing his part tonight so we can start insulating and sheetrocking this week. The afternoon sun was shining in through the new front door and the light was making rainbows across the floor. It was beautiful! We really need it warm up around here, though. These mid 20 degree temps are making things really difficult!

Casey's cheer squad goes to the state championships on Saturday. I may be getting up way before the crack of dawn, but it will be worth it. Go LONGHORNS! (and I don't mean Texas!)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The windows are here, the windows are here!

I never thought I'd be so excited to have windows, but we waited out the ice storm and they arrived today. No, I didn't take pictures because they're still in the boxes & crates, but I'm crossing my fingers that they will go in the house tomorrow and I'll get a picture then. This is exciting! We're going to have a new home very soon.

The driveway was started today, too. It was a little easier to get up to the house this afternoon, I didn't need 4WD to get through all the mud. He also started pushing the dirt back up against the foundation so the house looks a little less monolithic. I'm ready for spring to get here so I can start digging in the dirt and landscaping! I just love to dig in the dirt; I guess I'm still a kid at heart!

Monday, January 22, 2007

House progress

This is the part where it seems to take forever! The siding started going up on the house today, we were originally going with brick, but are going to have to wait on that one. (long, ugly story with builder #1). The windows were supposed to have been here last week, but they arrived in the warehouse in Springfield, MO the day the ice storm hit, so we are having to wait until Springfield thaws to get our windows shipped to us. The doors and windows will go in at the same time and things will look really different then.

I'm hoping and praying we can move into our new home soon. It's going to be so nice to spread out and not have 5 people crammed into 900 sq feet. I can't wait to get to the fun part, decorating. Mom got the kids new bedspreads and I'm so anxious to fix up their rooms. I don't have pictures of the inside because it's still just the studs and wiring, not very pretty, but when the sheetrock starts to go up I'll post more pictures.

Our new house is 2 miles off the main highway. It's going to be so nice to hear cows, crickets, birds, and frogs instead of jake brakes and thumping bass from the souped up sound systems of teenagers vehicles. I'm expecting a large jump in hearing aid sales in the next generation.

So here it is, the latest progress of our new home.

I would have taken the picture from straight on, but the mud was knee deep and I didn't feel like wading it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another shot from regionals

Here's a shot of the girls in action, see what I'm talking about, they throw the girls up in the air!

VHS regional champs

Yesterday (Saturday) Casey's cheerleading sqad went to the regional championships, they brought home 1st place in class A, small squad, all girl. It's amazing to see some of the things these kids can do! The next stop is the state ACCA championships in Greenbrier on February 3rd! I'm so glad her last year of cheerleading is a good one. I'm also glad Casey is a backspot and not one of the fliers, it makes me so nervous to see these kids go flying up in the air.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Back to the old grind!

After almost 2 weeks off we started back to school, normally this isn't a big deal for me, but I had some new classes I'd NEVER taught! I'm officially the Speech (or Oral Communications to be politically correct) teacher at VHS. I'm enjoying it, but I'm still trying to get myself together and figure out some lesson plans.

We had a wonderful Christmas. I always enjoy spending time with family, but Logan got a little Mommyitis when it came time to go back to school and daycare. I had a little Loganitis, too.

Our home construction is finally back on track. We have a new building crew take over (don't ask), and they're moving along really quickly. In 2 weeks time we have the plumbing, central heat/AC unit, and a few other minor repairs almost finished. The roofers started today, and the electrician should be ready to start soon. I'm hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers that we can start moving in to our new house around the end of February or first of March. I'm so ready to have CLOSET SPACE, and the new dishwasher is going to be fabulous, too! (My current dishwasher balks, and she had a basketball game tonight so I have to do the dishes!)

Here's a look at our new home, I'll take another one when the roof is finished and the doors and windows go in. It should look alot different then.