Friday, March 3, 2006

March 3rd already?

I'm behind. I totally skipped the whole month of February, even though I had really good intentions of updating this blog. It's just been really, really busy!

Right now we are knee deep in prom stuff. My classroom looks like a glitter factory! These prom companies are making a killing on the decorating...junk; several hundred dollars for styrofoam & cardboard! Oh well, we paid and are are moving on. Prom is the 17th, so I'll have some good pictures to post....I hope. My darling daughter has the pinkest dress I've ever seen! She's a junior, that's how I get roped into helping with prom decorations.

Duty calls, so I must answer, time to make some "Phantom of the Opera" decorations. Wanna help?

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