Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

I had to try leaving the shutter open a little while just to see what I would get. I love the way these turned out!
Chris was passing Logan a green sparkler, I thought the light on his little face was really neat.

Giant sparklers are so fun, but getting him to be still long enough to snap a good picture was a real challenge!

This one I left the shutter open for a few seconds. He was swinging the sparkler like a rope (imagine that!). I thought it was really neat to see the arc and the movement of his arm. His head was pretty still, amazingly enough.

Our 4th of July was pretty low key this year. My grandmother is in the hospital and just seems at times like she has given up on life. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and is having a really tough time dealing with it, as we all are. I spent a couple of hours with her today, then came home and threw someing together for our church picnic. I guess I just wasn't in the mood to stay in town with all those people (I had no idea there were that many people in Fulton County!), so we came home. We are close enough to town that we could see the biggest fireworks from the field, so we parked the truck on a hill and watched a few from there. Logan hates the big bangs, so he was happy, too. Casey was gone, Austin was with Mom, so it was just Chris, Logan, and me.

Logan liked the big fireworks so much we decided to run into town and get a few little ones for him. The fireworks stand had 36" sparklers, which were the most fun thing we found. After a few cones, fountains, and sparklers we were done for the night. It was good to be home and not fighting the traffic in town. Trust me, more than 20 cars in Salem constitutes a major traffic problem, and last night they were parked up and down Hwy 62, all in the city park, fairgrounds, and in any space big enough for a car to squeeze into.

I guess I'm turning into an old fuddy duddy.....I can live with that!


The Garners said...

Those are really neat pictures!

Mom told me about your Grandmother--I'll be thinking about y'all. I'm so sorry--that's such difficult news.

Pilgrim Mom said...

Sharmin: I love the pictures! LOL @ your traffic jam!

I didn't get many firework shots this year. My battery died after I took 1 shot up north. :( Then, I realized that I forgot to bring my charger to the cabin. :( :(