Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Decoration days and White River

Is decoration just a southern thing, or is it popular all over the US? It's a shame that decoration isn't like it used to be, when churches decorated graves of lost loved ones then had an all day singing and dinner on the ground. I like that tradition...probably more for the dinner thing than the actual decorating of graves, but I digress.

Thursday (June 4), Mom, the boys, and I took Mama Hudson to the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery to decorate the graves of her family. I had forgotten what a beautiful little cemetery it was, and what made it even better was the great play structure beside the little church! Maybe I'm just strange, but I love to walk around and look at the headstones and wonder about the people. What kind of life did they lead, what stories could they tell about the area. Mama was a fountain of knowledge about some of the people buried there, too, so it was really interesting to hear her stories.

After leaving the cemetery, we stopped at the little restaurant in Yellville, the Front Porch, they had great food, and we treated Mama to a birthday lunch. She was 88 on Saturday, June 6. I think she was glad to get rid of us after we got her home, though. I know Logan can get a little rowdy, and she isn't used to that.

On our way home Mom and I decided to swing by the Fairview Cemetery and put some flowers on some old family graves there. Unfortunately they didn't have a play set, so we had to cut that trip a little short, but because the boys had been so good, and we were only 5 or 6 miles from Buffalo City on White River, we figured a quick trip to dip in our feet was in order. We had so much fun, and the boys weren't ready to leave, but Logan waded out a little farther that I asked and ended up riding home in his underwear because his shorts were wet up to the pockets. It was 90+ degrees, so all was well.

We have plans to go back to the river soon sans cemetery visits.


In His Army said...

I used tolike going ot the cemetary on decoration day to. There is one pretty cemetary around these parts, and the rest are kinda sad. Would love to dip my feet in the White River soon too

His Doorkeeper said...

Love that picture of Judy wading in the water.
I have always loved going to the cemetary. I know practically everyone in the cemetary where my Mom and Dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles are buried. I see our whole neighborhood from my childhood there.

Always wonder if our own kids and grands will be as interested?? By then, there will probably be a site on the internet that they can go to and look at our graves without having to be there!!! har

Linda said...

My Uncle owns property on the White River. We swam there every summer as a child. Great place to go!

Headstones are very interesting to read, but can be very sad. We have a few stone rubbings of family members. Pretty neat.