Saturday, July 25, 2009


Have you heard of these? Thanks to a great bunch of girls on another site, I got wind of this neat little thing called a photowalk. Of course, I checked to see if there was one close enough to me to justify going, and SCORE, there was one in Eureka Springs. So, last Saturday, Casey, Carla, and I loaded up and went to Eureka with cameras in hand, batteries charged, and walking shoes on. I was really fun and we got some really neat shots. We were having a great day until...(yes, there's an until) Carla got a call from T (her eldest child), "Hi Mom, uhmm, Dad got bucked off his horse and he might be hurt but I'm not sure." Nothing like that to change the mood of the day. Brett was hurt, and we made a flying trip back from Eureka Springs. Thankfully, he was released from the hospital with a concussion, broken rib, and sprained shoulder. A week later he is still a little sore, but making progress to a full recovery.

So, here are a few of the shots I took from our little trip. Oh, and there are prizes involved. The photowalk is sponsored by Scott Kelby and it's a worldwide event. This year the date was July 18, and you can bet I'll be checking for next year's date!

Oh yeah, and good news on my computer, the Staples tech guy (God bless him) was able to retrieve the majority of my junk off the old hard drive. I finished up those wedding photos and have delivered them to the hands of the bride's mom. Whew, I can breath now....and back up everything lots more often.

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Red said...

Lovely photos! I love Eureka Springs. I was there in high school and have always wanted to go back.