Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's Vacation Bible School week at Salem First Baptist Church and we're having a ball!  I have the privilege of helping with the music this year, and the songs are so much fun!  I went to sleep last night with "don't be a tu-uh-uh-umble weed blowin' anywhere the wi-i-i-ind may lead..." going through my head.  Oh, to have the gift to write these songs, but I can't, so I'll just help sing them!

Can you tell this VBS theme is right up Logan's alley?  His normal attire is Wranglers, boots, belt (with giant buckle), and hat.  He also enjoyed the fun game time...barrel racing on stick horses while wearing oversized boots.  LOVE it!

How cute are these twins?  Karen & Derek, you're in trouble in about 14 years!

One more thing....be on the lookout for this guy!  He's nothing but trouble!  Last night he stole Bro. Jeff's favorite stick horse, Luke.  He also took a picture from the Kindergarten room and another stick horse and stuffed cow from another classroom!  He's a sneaky varmint, but never fear, by Thursday night there will be a whole passel of new deputies who will be out spreading the Good News and old Steely-Eyed Stan will be out of business....who knows, he may even change his ways....

(Thanks, Jason, for playing along and letting us turn you...uh, I mean your evil twin...into an outlaw)  I made some wanted posters and they're posted all around the church. 

Thanks, Casey, for taking all the pictures for me.  She's got tons that we are going to weed through and turn into a video to show at Sunday morning so all the adults who didn't get to visit Saddle Ridge Ranch will know what fun we had. 


Megon said...

I loved Saddle Ridge Ranch. Looks like Austin did too! It was great seeing the boys this weekend. Missed you!

Sharmin said...

Logan is loving VBS. I wish I could have had a chance to visit.