Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo A Day project.

Here's a little challenge for you.  Grab your camera and . . . USE IT!  Participate in Photo A Day; it causes you to really look, in a fresh and creative way, at your surroundings.

I love this idea.  I love using me camera as a tool for catching small pieces of everyday life that we normally take for granted.  I love using my camera....period!  It's a cool camera... I think it loves me, too...I would rescue it from a burning building (okay maybe not a BURNING building...perhaps a smouldering building... which wouldn't be smouldering if I opened the door to run in because the oxygen would hit the smoulder area and cause it to burst into flames thus ruining my camera and making me smell like a freshly branded cow....did I mention the ADD is really bad tonight?  Where was I??) Oh, yeah, rescuing my camera....I think I'll just keep it with me at all times actively reducing the threat of having to run into a burning building to rescue my camera.  I love it when I solve a problem that I hope may never, ever happen; it's just good to be prepared.

Back tot his photo thing.  Here are the rules:  Look at the list, find the appropriate number that coincides with today's date and take a photo of the thing on the list.  Easy breezy! (beautiful Covergirl)  Did I mention I have the attention span of a gnat?   I would set up a linky thing on here, but I don't know how and I'd probably just be embarrassed because only 3 people read my blog and I would feel really goofy if no one posted anything.

Just in case you are having trouble reading the list, I'll post it...because I'm just generous that way.

1.  Peace                                                            17.  Snack
2. Skyline                                                          18.  Something you made
3. Something you wore today                           19.  A favorite place
4.  Fun                                                               20.  Something you can't live without.
5.  Bird                                                              21.  Where you stand
6.  You                                                              22.   Pink
7.  Something that inspires you                        23.  Technology
8  A smell you adore                                        24.  Something new
9.  Something you do everyday                        25. unusual
10.  A favorite word                                         26.  12 O'Clock
11.  Kitchen                                                     27.   Something Sweet
12.  Something that makes you happy             28.  Tbe weather today
13.  Mum                                                         29.   A number
14   Grass                                                         30.   The weather today 
15   Love                                                          31.  Something beautiful
16.  What you're reading

There is your list, now GET BUSY!   (Shhhhhhh!  I'll post mine in a couple of days....)

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