Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ties that bind....

It's important to remember our heritage.  It's important to know our roots.  It's important to remember from where we came, at least it is to me.

Chris received one of the neatest gifts for Christmas.  No, it wasn't incredibly expensive, but it is priceless.  His mom and sister-in-law found some very important pieces of American history and put them in shadow boxes....WWI ration stamps and books.  
World War I ration stamps & book.  In the lower right corner is a photo of Chris's great-grandad, Homer Jennings.

I had never seen a ration book.  I've heard about them and read about them, but to actually see them made history even more tangible.  So...real.

A few weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that my grandmother said she looked like her grandmother when she saw a photo of herself.  Thanks to a cousin, I now have a picture of my great, great grandmother Holliday.  It's a treasure.

Logan & Mammaw, December 2012.

My great-great-grandmother, Polly Holliday
Because family history is important to me, over the next few weeks I will be digging through some old family photos and posting a little about my family history...and hopefully some of Chris's family history, as well.

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Shelley Ledbetter said...

Althea does look like her Grandmother. That is so neat.I found some old stamps and ration books when I was cleaning out my Aunt's house. I hadn't thought about framing them.