Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I'm guilty of it.  I allow life to distract me and forget to see the beauty around me everyday.  I forget to be thankful.  Sometimes the little things we overlook can bring so much happiness.  Sometimes we need to see the world through fresh eyes.

The view from a friend's cabin.  We live in a beautiful place. 

Father and son working together.  The little red heifer in the squeeze chute is a show cow, the little donkey on the left is her trainer.  Just like most trainers, Red does NOT like him.  She will eventually learn to lead...with his help, but the process is not fun...for her.

Sometimes you just need to roll around in dirt to scratch that pesky itch.

The joys of a bicycle on a summer afternoon.

Riding down a country road (from the barn to the house).

Round bales make a fun jungle gym.

Shooter (the puppy) wanted to get in on the hay bale action, too.  It took him a few tries, but he finally made it to the top.

Victory!  He made it to his boy.

Hi, mamma, are you proud of me?

Hide & seek in the hay.

..and one more trip to the top.

Just look around you.  No matter if you're in the country, like us, or the big city, there are blessings all around.  Make the choice to be happy and see the beauty in details of everyday life.

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