Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Occasionally I have one of those epiphanies that just make me sit back and think, "Wow!"  Usually they occur while I'm in the midst of cleaning something and don't have access to pen and paper…which is what happened today…but this was just too good to let pass.

Picture this, (sounds like Sophia from Golden Girls) I'm scrubbing the laundry room sink, since we no longer are giving the calf a bottle (he isn't happy about that, either) I decided it was time to get rid of the dried milk replacer and stinky calf bottle that has lived there for the last several months.

As I reached for my mondo-sized can of Comet (you need the giant Sam's Club economy size around here) I noticed on the side 48% Mas.  Being the exceptional Spanish student I was, I rotated the can to see if there was a translation on the other side.  Yep, there is was 48% More.  Mas=More.  (I should know that from the "No mas pantalones" commercials).

It was then the epiphany happened.  Mas means More.  We are now in the Christmas season, and I thought of the word Christmas…ChristMAS.  More Christ.  The real meaning of Christmas.

I don't know about you, but I was ChristMAS every single day.  More Christ on a daily basis.

Every time I see the word Mas, I want to think of having more Christ in my life.  What about you?

Merry ChristMAS!.

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