Monday, November 10, 2014

Just a few more days...

….until the 4th annual Marvin Newton Classic!

When the Newton family began this journey 4 years ago, our goal was to provide scholarships for student athletes who participated in the classic.  The first year was a little discouraging, and honestly, I was ready to quit.  We were exhausted, and didn't make as much money as we had hoped, but we decided to give it another year.  Oh, and the best part, we were able to award 4 $500 scholarships.

The second year was better, we knew a little more about what we were doing and were able to pick up a few sponsors to help offset the cost of concession stand food and t-shirt printing.  We also had more money at the end and presented 6 $500 scholarships.  We felt much better about things, too, and felt like we were honoring Dad's memory.

Last year was awesome!  We had a great guy named Scott volunteer his day and his vocal chords to do all the announcing of teams and sponsors throughout the day.  We had more teams, lots more fans, and ended up with enough for 9, yes N-I-N-E $500 scholarships!

This year promises to be even better.  We have 7 games, and cool new t-shirt in the works, and we're excited to get this thing going.   I'm anxious to see how many scholarships we will have this year.

So, come on out to the Viola High School gym on Friday, November 28th (Black Friday), and enjoy a day of some great high school basketball!  Here's the schedule:

11:00 am  - Viola  vs.  Salem  - Boys
12:25 pm  - ICC  vs.  Cedar Ridge  -Boys
1: 30 pm  - ICC vs.  Gainesville, MO - Girls
2:45 pm   - Valley Springs vs. Gainesville, MO - Boys
4:00 pm   - Flippin vs. Salem  - Girls
5:15 pm   - Flippin  vs. Rose Bud  - Boys
6:30 pm   - Viola vs. Bakersfield  - Girls

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