Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am going to run away

Okay, maybe not, but it's been a couple of "those" days, yes, you know the one's I'm talking about!
Mom spent Sunday night with my brother and SIL, she had a really tough weekend and just needed to get a way for a little while. Of course, while she's gone both my boys decide to get sick. They usually go see Nana and let her fuss over them all day, then I pick them up, spoiled rotten, but feeling better.

Well, this went waaaay beyond a Nana kind of sick. We ended up going to the doctor and getting them both on strong antibiodics and cough meds. (yeah, the green stuff coming from Logan's nose a dead giveaway that Mom couldn't fix this one).

So here's how the day went. They slept late, didn't want to get up, both felt yucky and Austin couldn't quit coughing. It was super foggy and rainy yesterday, but I loaded them up and away we went to the doctor. Let me just say that anyone who doesn't know how to use a blinker, or to EASE down on your brakes, not lock them up in the road, needs to have his/her driver's license revoked permanently. Now my disclaimer, I may have been in a hurry, but I was NOT tailgating.....I was drafting.

Okay finally get to FIL's pharmacy and get the boys meds, which we start right then, no waiting and we head home.

I knew I had to stop at the grocery store on the way, so I had steeled myself. Logan was whining and his fever had come up, so I was just throwing things in the buggy just to get out of the store and get them home. I even caved and let Austin get a can of Spaghettio's (mistake #1). Logan fussed and wanted a bag of Cheetos (mistake #2). I get to the register and I know the girl working behind so we're talking when another cashier, whom I also know, looks at me and says, "Why aren't y'all in school today?" Hmmmm, I have one whining boy saying "my head hurts" and one coughing so hard I though he was going to hack up a lung. I just really really wanted to say "here's your sign" but I just smiled politely and said, "We've been to the doctor."

So I get the boys and my groceries., my "quick" trip which ended up $67.43 later, get the boys loaded, and Logan decides to open aforementioned bag of Cheetos in the back seat of the car, yes, the car I just vaccuumed! Did you know that a 3 year old opening a bag of crunchy Cheetos can propel them to the nether regions of you car?Get home, give Austin the cough meds because I knew if he fell asleep I'd just have to leave him in the car, he weighs 112 lbs!

Austin decides to eat aforemention can of Spaghettio's. Young man that he is becoming, and thinking with a man's brain, he picked up the OLD canopener, whent he lid didn't come completely off the can he decided to STICK HIS THUMB down and lift the can lid. No he didn't require stitches, probably should have had them, but I've had first aid training, elevated it, cleaned it out, re-elevated it until the bleeding stop (it looked like we had slaughtered a hog in the kitchen!), and bandaged it very tightly. Oh what fun! I guess I can see the humor in it now because Austin's bandaids fell off at school and the school nurse redressed it. He now looks like he has a giant marshmellow stuck on his thumb. What was the name of the nursery rhyme .".........stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plumb, and said what a good boy am I" I may paint the bandage purple.

So that, my friends, is why I've had 2 Tylenol PM and am waiting desperately for them to kick in!

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The Garners said...

Good grief! Don't you just hate those trips to the doctor? R had RSV the week before Christmas. I was worried about him and worried that A would get it from either him or from sitting in the clinic waiting room (thank goodness she didn't!).