Friday, December 7, 2007

Journey to Bethlehem

Tonight begins our church's outdoor drama, Journey to Bethlehem. I've never been involved in anything like this, and I'm really looking forward to it. Chris, Austin, and Logan are all in it, too. Chris is a servant in Herod's palace, Austin is one of the wisemen's entourage, and I am the poor widow woman outside the gates of Bethlehem who sells chickens, eggs, and vegetables; Logan is my child.

When I told Logan he was going to get to wear a costume and sit with me around our campfire he got really excited; his first question was, "Yeah, can we burn some hotdogs and marshmellows on a stick?!" I'm afraid he will be the comic relief for this drama. I'll take my camera and try to get a few pictures tonight.

Right now the weather is pretty nasty, drizzly, and cold. I'm hoping it clears off a little before 7:00 pm. Just in case your are anywhere near Salem First Baptist Church this weekend, our drama runs Friday and Saturday at 7, and Sunday at 6.

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