Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's been a long, soggy week!

Tomorrow (Friday) we are going to be out of school because too many of the roads our school buses had to cross are washed out. Several bridges are washed out to the point of dig it all up and start from scratch. I've been a little stressed out today by all the falling water and knowing that the floodgates are openend on Norfork Lake and people down river may lose their homes...again! We have a great lake in our big field, it used to be a pond, but I think it more closely resembles a lake. I think I need some paddleboats!

I love it when funny and unusual things happen. That was the case last night. I was dreaming that someone was in my yard with a chainsaw trying to cut down all my oak trees. It just kept on, and kept on and I was really worried about losing my trees. I finally got semi-awake and could still hear the sound. This made it worse, I was convinced someone was coming after my trees! When I finally got the sleepy fog to clear and get fully awake I realized there were no evil lumberjacks in my yard with chainsaws trying to cut down my trees. The sound I heard was just Chris snoring

But here's the funny part, this evening, the neighbor brought us 8 baby oak trees! I'm so glad I'm not caught in the middle of some graet "white oak conspiracy"!


Pilgrim Mom said...

Paddle boats are under $404.99 at TSC here in MI! ;)

His Doorkeeper said...

I love your "dream" story! har
Years ago when our kids were small we taped Steve snoring cause he swore he didn't snore! He thought the tape sounded like a bear! We just laughed about that for years!

Are you planting your trees around your house?