Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday 4/12/08

Chris hadn't seen the floodgates at Norfork Dam open, so we took Logan (like he's really going to remember it) and went to see it. Austin and I went yesterday, and it looked like they had closed them just a little because the water was whiter than yesterday. Anyway, to hear the noise of all the water and to see that much water pouring over into the river was an amazing sight. Logan was less impressed with the dam than we were, but he loved the fish hatchery. They looked at fish while I dashed in to use the facilites, and I didn't think we were going to get him away from the fish. We ended up taking him back to the truck crying, "But I have to see them ALL!" all the way. It's really cold and windy, so we've promised him another trip to the fish hatchery when it warmer.

I wish I had gotten a picture of our wayward dog, Darrell. He chased us down the dirt road today, and we didn't notice it until we were at least a mile from the house. Instead of turning around, Chris put him on the back on the truck. I say ON because we were in the flatbed dually, so Chris had to tie him to the headache rack so he wouldn't try to jump off. I don't think he enjoyed his ride that much, because it was cold and windy, but maybe he will think before he chases us again. When we got out at the fish hatchery he whined, but we made him stay on the truck. He was really happy to be home.


His Doorkeeper said...

After being out on that cold and windy day, I dare say Darrell wasn't the only one glad to be home!!

ArtsyChaos said...

I saw the first pic and thought it was a fish hatchery ! Haven't been to one since my 19 year old son was a toddler. Wow ! :)