Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My baby is 4! When did that happen?

I guess it's always easier to blow out candles when you're sitting in Nana's lap. The tiny baby mom is holding is my cousin's (Kristi) new baby boy, Reid. He was born May 29.

Logan officially turned 4 Monday morning at 8:19 AM. We looked at his pictures last night and it's so strange to think he was once that small!

We had his birthday party Sunday afternoon (Austin had baseball games all day Saturday), but it was mostly just family. He didn't care, he was the center of attention and was showered with gifts. Last year he wanted Ray Barker (our neighbor) on his birthday cake, but this year he wanted Larry Boy (Veggie Tales). No bakery around us had Larry Boy, but I did find some Bob and Larry toys at the Christian Book Outlet, so he had cake with Bob and Larry.

Yesterday (Monday), I took cupcakes to daycare for him to share with his class, so he really ended up having 2 birthday parties. He was so cute when I got to school, he was wearing a big crown with "It's My Birthday" on it. He was also enjoying all the attention there, too. I didn't find Larry Boy cupcakes, but we did find Indiana Jones, which is probably his second favorite character!

Austin is trying to blow up the big water slide/pool thing Casey got Logan for his birthday, it looks like we're going to have water fun this afternoon! Yes, I'll have my camera in hand.

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The Garners said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Logan!!! He's so cute! I laughed when I read about Ray Barker on his cake last year. :)