Sunday, June 1, 2008

We're off!

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go......reminds me of a song.......I'm standin' here outside the door.....I'm leavin' on a jet plane.....

Sorry, the lack of sleep is already getting to me, and it will only get worse, I will probably be awake for next 24 hours, anyway. Austin is counting down the hours, his suitcase has been packed for 2 days, but I just finished mine off today. I love the blue and orange backpacks the tour company provided us, that's our carry on, and you wouldn't believe the stuff I have crammed in there! I have snacks! I'll be the most popular person on the airplane. I also bought the cute little green purse to take with me so I wouldn't have to lug my big one around. This goes across from shoulder to hip and has everything very handy. I've got my camera, extra memory cards, and my zoom lens ready to go, too. I'm looking forward to it!

Say a prayer for traveling mercies for our group, it's a little nerve wracking taking other people's children this far from home, but I'm praying that God will grant us a safe trip and a wonderful learning experience for the kids. I'm just wanting a good, close look at that Hope Diamond!

I should have lots to post when we get home Friday, so check back!

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