Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fly by post

And since I don't like to post without a photo, here's old Abe. I took this in DC on June 3rd.

I really hate to post without some kind of picture to accompany it, but it seems like I just haven't had time to take them or unload them from my camera if I do.

Since school started I feel like I barely have time to breathe, much less get any additional things accomplished. I'm still trying to find my groove, maybe I've permanently skipped a groove! I was really looking forward to watching Biggest Loser tonight, but I still have progress reports to get out. (yet here I am on the computer?)

Maybe someday I'll have some profound post, but it doesn't look good for tonight. I think I'll go watch the weigh in of BL....maybe have a bowl of ice cream to celebrate.


The Garners said...

We love watching Biggest Loser--It's so neat to see the teams' lives change for the better. I hate for anyone to have to go home this early on because they all need a lot of help and training. I wish I could train with Bob...Jillian scares me!

Pilgrim Mom said...

I think the moment we become a mom, we automatically lose our groove. Maybe we never really had it!

And being on the computer...well, that's called having some personal time or denial! I'm not sure which!

Steve & I "celebrated" last night -- we had met 21 years ago. Later we complained about being out of shape! Sigh! But the turtle sundae was good! ;)