Friday, September 19, 2008

My Mom, isn't she just beautiful!

The mission team from fbc Flippin.

Pray for the team from First Baptist Church in Flippin, AR. They leave early tomorrow morning (Saturday) for a mission trip to San Marcos, Nicaragua. Mom is going with them. Just pray that the Lord will go before them and make a way for them to witness to the people who so desperately need Jesus. They will be involved in a mobile medical care/dentistry group, prison ministry, much interaction with children (mom packed coloring sheets taken from a Bible coloring book and the words she and a friend/Spanish teacher translated into Spanish, crayons, and hard candy for them). They will also have the privilege of be a part of the graduation ceremonies from Rhema Bible College and will have taken Bibles (NIV Study Bibles in Spanish) to be presented to the graduating pastors. A large evangelistic crusade will be going on at the same time with approximately 3-4 THOUSAND people will be attending. During the last crusade over 1100 people gave their lives to Christ! What an awesome thing to see and participate! God is good, ALL the time!

Along with Mom, my uncle Greg (Mom's baby brother) and my cousin, Stacie (Greg's daughter) will be going. Please pray for this group, traveling mercies, Godly wisdom, and great health and enthusiasm.

You can keep up with the pastor's blog here. I'm so anxious to see the Lord at work!


Pilgrim Mom said...

Sharmin, you look like your Momma! :) And yes she is beautiful, but so are you girlfriend! I will be praying for them -- I am praying that this will be a wonderful trip for her!

Soldier in Training said...

I can't wait to hear about their trip. I know God is going to do some awesome things! Yes, she looks beautiful as ever--you and her both have the best skin and don't age! Lucky you! I am already wrinkling up! aghh!! Hey did you say you ahd some pictures from the BEst of the Best Ropin? Mom made a cd with all the pictures she had, but I have not made the time to sit down and go through them yet.