Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ahh, sweet freedom!

Yes, we cheered as the big, yellow buses rolled out of the parking lot that wrong? I was as happy as the kids! So what did the boys and I do to celebrate? Wii played! Yes, that's a pun. Austin has wanted a Wii ever since they first came out, but I'm the mean mom who refused to let them have a video game because I didn't want them sitting on their rears playing games all day long. However, after much research, I finally gave in and told him if he would save his money he could have a Wii. With his good grade money, he finally had enough, so we went to town and bought the Wii. I had no idea how much fun the stinkin' thing would be! Chris even got in on the action. So far I'm the reigning bowling champion, but Chris kicked my tail in tennis. He's also the golf champ, but Austin holds the baseball record. Logan is really good at boxing, so it's anyone's guess. Now we're planning what games we will purchase next. We will definitely get the EA Sports games, and Casey and I want the Wii Fit with the balance board and mat.

I didn't get any pictures tonight, but keep watching the blog because I'm sure there will be some Wii shots on here soon. That's about it for tonight, I'm tired, who knew you could work up a sweat playing a video game! I'm sure we will play again tomorrow, but not too early because we're out of school now and I don't have to get up early, Yayyyy! (so don't call before 8:00 AM, I'm praying Logan sleeps that long)

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Red said...

Enjoy you summer! Oh and be careful playing the Wii, my friend got tennis elbow she played it so much. I guess it's rather adcting. :)