Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to reality

Snow angels?

       Big Cedar registration building.                                    Austin  checking out his snow angel

Our cabin, a wonderful escape.

Big Cedar dressed up in lights...I was cold, ignore the blur.

Steam rising from the hot tub (no, I didn't try it)

A black and white shot because I just liked the look.

After an unplanned 3 week break (well, 2 weeks were planned, but the weather planned the last week for us), we are finally headed back to school tomorrow.  We still have some county roads that are covered, but the wonderful 45 degree sunshine today melted some snow and lifted everyone's spirits.  I don't know that we've had true cabin fever, but both boys and I are ready to get back to school. 

Speaking of cabin fever, my hubby rented a cabin at Big Cedar Lodge this weekend and we slipped off, just the two of us.  We really needed some together time, and it was so good for us to be able to focus on each other without the distractions of daily life.  I felt a litte guilty about leaving the boys behind, but Chris and I needed some time for us. It was so nice to have an uninterrupted conversation and dinner when I didn't have to get up and clean up a spill or get some other forgotten necessity. ("Mom, I need a fork/spoon/straw."  "Mom, I need more milk." "Mom I need.....")  We spent the afternoon in Springfield doing a little shopping, mainly at Bass Pro, then to Branson Landing.  It was too cold to stroll the Landing and window shop, but Joe's Crab Shack was worth braving the cold.  We did browse a few stores, but that was just because we needed to get warm! (Poor Chris was a little uncomfortable in Victoria's Secret) Big Cedar was still dressed in its Christmas finery with lights on EVERYTHING.  I tried to take some flashless photos, but it was 9 degrees and I was shivering so much they turned out blurry.  Our cabin was a beautiful, rustic little place with exposed log walls, stained glass windows, and a gorgeous rock fireplace...which we quickly put to good use.  There is something so relaxing in watching flames dance on logs and crackle with glee. 

After a nice break, it's back to reality, but it was good while it lasted.
** If the captions under the photos are a little weird it's just because Blogger was acting funny...or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing, it's happened once or twice.

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