Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've been a little quiet on the blog lately.  I guess I've just been tyring to enjoy some time with the boys in the new pool. (we got it when I got home from Memphis)   Aside from being busy, there has been more than a little stress around here, and I just didn't feel at all like blogging.  Maybe because I planned on keeping this blog light and frivolous (did I spell that right...it doesn't look right to me).
Oh, and let's not forget about VBS which was last week.  I really miss it, too.  We had such a great time on our Big Apple Adventure.  I enjoyed it so much I even offered to help with the music at another church, but they already have it covered.  I guess I'll just walk around here singing the catchy little songs.

I'll have to post pictures later....right now, it's time to conquer some dirt and laundry....time to clean house!

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