Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life's a whirlwind!

The last few weeks of summer have been nothing less than a flurry of activity!  My great intentions of blogging more this summer just didn't happen.....the sad part; I actually had something fun to blog about!  We had a nice mini vacation in Florida, but I was sans computer....and I didn't hate it!

Here's the summer in a nutshell:
Memphis, weddings, workshops, t-ball, dolphins, swimming, bicycles, roadtrips, family, battleships, beaches, Loretta, and FLORIDA!

Yep, F-L-O-R-I-D-A! Casey was in a wedding in Florida so the boys and I loaded up and went, too. It was so nice and relaxing, and so much fun to see Austin & Logan as they saw the ocean for the first time.

So, enough with words....let's have some pictures!

Nicole and Brendan Shay.  It was so much fun shooting their wedding photos!

My little T-ball player and his cutie coach!  (Love these guys!)

Winter the dolphin.  She's a movie star, but look closely, her tail is missing.  She is the star of the movie Dolphin Tale coming out this fall.  She actually has a prosthetic tail, but she wasn't wearing it in this picture. 

This kid could definitely be a beach bum, he LOVED it....and he loved bringing me sandcrabs...gotta love those boys!

Well, it only took about 20 shots to get the youngest child to act somewhat serious and let me take a beach picture.

My boys wading in the Gulf of Mexico at sunset.

For some pictures there are no words....let's just say it was a loooong roadtrip and you found entertainment where you could.  Casey loves taking pictures of herself...I was driving, I had no control over the camera at this point.

Thanks to a GPS who sent us the long way to Mobile, AL, we found out that Guin, Alabama is home of the POST IT! Who knew?!! 

Rear guns of the USS Alabama.  Look right under the gun on the left, those tiny little things are folding chairs.  Yeah, aren't you glad you weren't flying a Japanese plane during, too.

Boys love guns.

It's not often you can take a little rest on an anchor chain.

Florida sunset.

Casey & Mary Kate on Signal Point, Signal Mtn., TN

Signal Point....beautiful!

Lookout Mtn., TN  That's the city of Chattanooga in the distance.

The boys weren't too keen on posing, but look who was. 

A little sidetrip on the way home....waved, just in case Loretta was home and looking out the window.  I'm sure she didn't know we were going to drive by or she would have run right out! LOL.

See that blue and white sign in the middle, yep that says was the prettiest sign I saw on the whole trip, even with dead bugs splattered and crusted on the windshield.

Whew!  I'm tired now, summer was busy, but it was definitely fun.

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The Garners said...

Your FL trip looks like a lot of fun! Summer did go by too fast though!