Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crystal Bridges & the Native American Museum

Better late than never, right?  Here is just a small sampling of the shots I took last Thursday at the Native American Museum and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  Both are located in Bentonville, AR, and both are definitely worth checking out. 

Now let's go native!
There was something representing each nation, but I don't remember exactly which headdresses were which, but they were all absolutely amazing!  The craftsmanship and detail are just beautiful beyond words!

Take a really close look at this hat and necklace.  The hat is made from a bear paw and the necklace is a bearclaw necklace....looks like a piece of the bear's paw, too.  Now I know why the Apache were considered a very strong, fearless nation....anyone who kills a bear with a bow and arrow deserves respect!

This case was filled with ceremonial dance fans and were awesomely gorgeous just like the headdresses.  I wanted the peacock one on the left...but I think the museum people would have frowned on that so I took a picture instead.

Hey, there's my Mamma in a tee-pee.....
 There were so many things at the Native American Museum, you should go and check it out yourself.  I fell in love with the textiles and pottery.

Our next stop was Crystal Bridges.  If you don't know anything about this place you need to change that...soon.  To help further your education here's a link to Crystal Bridges. If I ever see Alice Walton I'm going to hug her neck for creating this wonderful, magical place.....but she would probably just call security because she would wonder who was this strange, crazy woman trying to choke her....

We were treated to a box lunch (which was very good, and the same can be purchased in the museum cafe) then a tour guide came to take our group through the galleries. (yes, gallerIES plural, it's fabulous...I could live there....but then there's that whole security thing)

The galleries are seperated by chronological order, so the older American art was the first we passed through.  We didn't slow down much because our tour guide was on a mission.  She led us directly to this...

 A painting by Asher B. Durand entitled "Kindred Spirits".  Durand was one of the members of the Hudson River School of artists who really focused on nature and landscapes.  Google Hudson River School...that's your homework for today....there might be a quiz.

On to the next gallery and I seriously started having heart palpitations.  There was a MARY CASSATT painting!  Gasp!  The ONLY American to exhibit with Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir... Do you think either of those men touched this painting?

Some of you may not be experiencing the awe and joy as me, but let me tell you, for an Art teacher this was better than an Elvis!

Now, no self-respecting, world-class exhibit of American Art could ever be complete without a little Norman Rockwell, and who better to represent the American people but "Rosie the Riveter" herself.  Yes ma'am, there she is, halo and all...and her foot is placed not-so-delicately upon a copy of Hitler's "Meine Kampf".  Take that, mustache boy!  Look at those guns on Rosie, she could give you a whippin' and make you like it! 

Would you like to guess what was on the wall adjacent to Rosie?  A self portrait by Grant Wood!  Oh yes, THE Grant Wood who painted American Gothic (with the little old couple, a pitchfork, and a gothic window)  I'm pretty sure by this time Mom had bruises on her arm from me digging my fingers in while saying, "Look!  Look!  There's a Grant Wood......."

Oh look, Pinocchio was there, too....I think he was working security.

Continuing through the galleries, you will eventually come to the 20th century rooms, and there you will find Andy Warhol's "Dolly Parton" 

And you will also find a Roy Lichtenstein sculpture.  I took several of this one because I really think the hubs can make me one of these....the man's a master with a welder! 

So, there's your brief tour.  I have tons more photos, but Blogger was being a little cranky tonight and I couldn't get them to load.  I may have to add those later.

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