Monday, April 8, 2013

Tonight I'm angry!

Don't worry, my family is off the hook tonight, but I am angry with some people I really don't know very well. I want to scream and yell at them.  I want them to open their eyes and see what I see.  Why can't they see past their own selfish noses?  Why am I so angry?  Because they are watching a precious girl die slowly before their eyes of a terrible disease and refuse to do anything about it!  She is fading away and they choose to ignore it hoping it will fix itself.  She is fighting a disease!  The disease is Anorexia.  Yes, it IS a disease!  What really infuriates me is they are saying, "Just ignore her, she's just doing it for attention!"  Wake up, people!  If she wanted to direct attention to the fact that she is nothing but skin and bones then why would she be wearing 2 pairs of pants?!?  Yes, I patted her leg, and under the baggy windsuit pants she was wearing another pair, all to make her look heavier than she is.... around 100 lbs on a  5'8" frame!

This girl needs our prayers, and so does her family who are living so comfortably in denial that they should change their names to Cleopatra!  I don't know how they can look at her and think she's okay.  She desperately needs help.  Their solution, just pray harder, you just don't have enough faith.  I'm sorry, but when your brain is starving, and your body is starving, faith is difficult to muster.  I believe in faith.  I believe God can heal any problem, but I also believe He places people in our paths to help us along the way.  Mentors.  Cheerleaders.  Help.  What if the disease were cancer?  Would you tell a cancer patient, "you just need to pray harder for a cure" or would you encourage them to seek treatment?  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Yes, it is a disease.  However, so many people are denied treatment or talked out of treatment because loved ones pass it off as "just wanting attention".  SERIOUSLY?

God saved a dear friend from anorexia, but she had help, therapy.  At the time she didn't know why.  I told her there was a reason God allowed her to go through all she did, now we know.  She is working so hard to save this girl.  She can answer questions those of us who have never had the disease can't.  She's giving of herself to help.  This sweet girl has a small group of people around her who support her and want her to seek the treatment, professional treatment, to get well.  I am praying.  All I can do is desperately cry out to God, "Please, LORD, save this girl!"  Please pray for her.  God knows her name.  He sees her struggles.  He knows her pain.  He knows where she needs to be to get the help she needs. She is one of His.  Her life is important.

There are so many around you who may be struggling but have no voice.  Give them a voice.  Be an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or a sounding board for their frustrations.  If you choose not to talk about a situation, regardless of what it is, you are telling the person who is in so much emotional pain that you don't care. Their life isn't worth your time.  Is that who you really are?  Is that how you want to be perceived?  I don't.  I care.  Please pray for her....and for others who need prayers.

Lord, help me not be angry with these people, and Lord, please help them understand.  We all need Your wisdom.

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