Friday, January 25, 2008

Ladies Luncheon

Tomorrow is the quarterly Ladies Luncheon at church. This will be my first one and I'm really excited about it. The last luncheon was the end of September and I just wasn't up to that one. I am so thankful that we have found a church with so many opportunities for fellowship for the whole family. Chris even goes to the "Brotherhood" days, which require the use of power tools and carpentry/construction skills. The first one he went to they built the stage in the youth aditorium, the November meeting, he helped build sets for the outdoor drama. I think they changed lightbulbs (no easy task in the fellowship hall/gym area) and built new pantry shelves the last time.

Tomorrow we will start discussing the Women's Conference hosted by our church. This will be the last Saturday of September and will be even better than the last. We had a wonderful speaker last fall, and ended up with ladies from 16 different churches attend. I'm anxious to see what happens this year, it really lifts my spirits and gets me fired up again. Y'all come, everyone is invited.

Of course I'm taking my camera with me tomorrow, so maybe I'll have some pictures of our luncheon and the ladies of my church. I've been asked to bring some of my pretty Southern Living at HOME dishes....and they didn't even have to twist my arm to make me do it. I love pretty dishes!

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