Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another encouraging day

I sat with Daddy at the hospital today and we had a very encouraging day. He was able to get out of his bed under his own power, he took a couple of steps, and he sat in a chair for a while today. He is still having much difficulty swallowing, but I'm praying that this will begin to improve as quickly as the other things. He is also having some trouble with fine motor skills in his left hand, but considering where he was Monday night, this is an amazingly quick recovery.

I had to laugh this afternoon because we were talking about his physical therapy and I asked him if he wanted me to run to the store and get him some pajama pants. He said, "Yes, if they're gonna walk me down the hall I don't want my rear end shining!" His physical therapy was ordered today, but the therapists couldn't get to him, so it will begin tomorrow. He was very tired tonight, after being able to get up today, and I'm hoping he has a more restful night tonight.

I know your prayers are with us and they are working, I appreciate them all.

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The Garners said...

Thinking of you!