Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A week long roller coaster ride.

I just realized it has been almost a week since I posted an update on things, but some things are just too hard to see in words. I've started typing a post numerous times, but ended up deleting it all because it was just not what I wanted to see in print.

I left the hospital Wednesday thinking everything was going really well, but Wednesday night Daddy started having heart problems, but he did, finally, respond to the meds for that. He was moved to Hospice House on Thursday, but has continued to improve. He is still having trouble swallowing and we were told that reflex may never come back. His doctor also told us that he is nearing the end. His body is wearing out. Daddy has not accepted the fact that he won't get better, and I'm afraid he will just give up if he does accept it. Twyla (step-mom) told me tonight that he (dr.) said it could be a month or less, we just don't know. I know that God has a time and no matter what we want, His timing is always right. I just hate to see Daddy have to go through this. He has reached the point that morphine is the only thing that controls the pain, but it's making him so forgetful. I hate cancer!

I'm just a big whiner tonight, this should be our week of spring break, but because of the ice earlier in the year, we are in school this week. To add insult to injury, we also have parent/teacher conferences Friday night! Such is life, at least we will be out of school on May 21st or 22nd, and not the first week of June like some of the schools around us who are taking a spring break, anyway.

A little bright spot, Gary, Alanna, and the twins were up Sunday and Lance & Lindsay brought sweet Landon over, and I got a really cute shot of the 5 youngest grand kids. Where was Casey, you ask, she met Brandon in Texarkana this weekend. I'm so happy she's found a nice guy, but why does he have to be in Texas? (I don't have a thing against Texas, but I do have a thing about my little girl moving 9 hours away....if it comes to that!)

Enough grouchiness for one night. Please continue to pray for Daddy, I know that prayer is what we have to rely on right now, if not for healing then for the strength to handle what is to come.


Kimberkv said...

So sorry to hear that you Daddy continues to struggle. Cancer is an ugly, cruel disease.

Nice that you got a little sunshine with the GK's coming up though.

In His Army said...

That little Landon thinks he is every bit as big as the other kiddos! Cute picture!