Thursday, June 24, 2010

Farm Family media day

Wow! What a day.  Today was our "media day" with the press (local radio & newspaper), and NAEC (sorry, Leah, they should have told you so you would have known not to wear heels to work today), and NRCS (otherwise known as the Conservation office).  10:00 am was the start time, but I was ready by 9:30...good thing, we had some early guests.  We answered questions, took photos (yes, I had to be in the pictures....yuck!), and had snacks.  The kids showed off their animals (Austin had to explain to one reporter the difference between a steer and bull, he handled it with much tact and decorum....I'm glad he didn't ask Logan).  I did manage to snap a few photos myself, and I'll share those tomorrow; I'm just too tired tonight!

Logan also had his last regular season t-ball game tonight, which they won, so it's been a really busy day.  I'm pooped; I just hope I don't fall asleep in the bathtub (hey, it's happened).  I only have a couple of errands to run tomorrow, then we will finally have a day to relax.  I'm looking forward to it.

I also forgot to mention what my sweet Logan said yesterday morning when he woke up and wandered into the living room.  He looked at me, grinned, and said, "Well, Mom, you don't have a 5 year old anymore."  No, now we have a very grown up 6 year old.  June 23 is also my brother and sister-in-law's anniversary.  Happy Birthday, Logan, and Happy Anniversary Gary & Alanna!

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The Dean is in... said...

I am so glad that everything went well. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. :)