Sunday, June 20, 2010

The finished project....almost

Here's the latest from the farm.  Our squash and cucumbers are producing.  I only wish I had sound so you could hear Logan saying, "Hurry, these are stickery!"  He was a little surprised that squash and cucumbers had "whiskers"; and yes, he is in his pajamas.

Here is the deck, nice and stained...many hours of sweat equity went into it.  I am going to pick up an umbrella to cover the table...I'm thinking green to balance out all the redwood.  You can see my little model, still in his jammies, peeking over the rail.

Here's the front.  This one was taken this morning with the jammie clad boy posing on the rock steps for me. (He loves to have his picture taken when it's on his terms).  Mom made the cushions for the chairs pulling in lots of red and yellow.  I have red and yellow flowers and the front porch needed color!  (I just realized Logan matches in red & yellow Transformer pajamas.)

A shot taken this evening, excuse the lens flare, but the sun was shining right toward me.

This is just a small vignette of some of my treasures.  The plow belonged to my Papa Tom, and the big, white, sparkly rocks are quartz that he took out of the zinc mines at Rush, AR in the early 1940's.   More info on Rush

We have worked really hard every weekend for the last 2 1/2 - 3 months to get to this point, but I think our hard work has finally paid off.  We haven't had time to do much of anything else, but it's been worth it.  With that said, I guess I can tell you the reason for all our hard work....we have been selected as the Fulton County Farm Family of the year.  I'm still surprised, but honored.  We don't have a large cattle herd, and we don't have lots of farmland (a few hayfields, but nothing like the row crop farmers in central & south AR), but Chris's business is geared toward helping farmer and ranchers, and he has participated in the grasslands conservation and watershed projects, and is always looking for ways to improve our land.  I'm proud of him.

So that's it, that's the big secret.  One day this week is media day when all the press will be here taking pictures and doing interviews.  I wonder how they will react when I follow them around with a camera?  This could be interesting!

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How exciting! Congratulations!

Everything looks GREAT!