Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1- MCA teacher academy

Okay, one more day with no pictures, but I'm too tired to wait for them to load...I promise, I will share some soon.

Today we toured the MCA grad school which is in downtown Memphis, not on the same campus as the undergrad classes.  It was such a neat space with lots and lots of growing room.  I hope they start some online classes soon because I will be working on an Art History degree if they do!  I was standing outside the grad school looking at the historic buildings and happened to notice we were just up the street from the Lorraine Motel.  This is the motel where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot.  It's amazing to me to be so close to such a historical place. (yes, I took a couple of shots of the sign, but they are renovating it right now so there were construction vehicles in the way)  

After the grad school visit we went to the small metals studio and learned how to do enameling.  This is such a neat process!  I'd never done it before, but now I really want to try more.  I learned how to make cloisonne, which is a very labor intensive process. (so don't gripe about how much those little beads cost)  After the afternoon of small metals, we met for pizza with the director of admissions & student services (I don't exactly remember her title, but her name was Gadspy, which I thought was very cool).  There are so many new areas for degree concentration and they all sounded so interesting to me.  We also learned about some of the programs for high school students, which I will be recommending a certain students who I know would LOVE this!

After supper we returned to the very cool dorm and realized it was only 7:30 and we had time to make a Target run.  I had forgotten to bring my camera charger, so I was able to pick one up at Best Buy, now the battery is charging and we will be in business in the morning. 

Tomorrow is a day of drawing and I'm really looking forward to it, maybe I'll have a few pictures then.

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