Monday, January 22, 2007

House progress

This is the part where it seems to take forever! The siding started going up on the house today, we were originally going with brick, but are going to have to wait on that one. (long, ugly story with builder #1). The windows were supposed to have been here last week, but they arrived in the warehouse in Springfield, MO the day the ice storm hit, so we are having to wait until Springfield thaws to get our windows shipped to us. The doors and windows will go in at the same time and things will look really different then.

I'm hoping and praying we can move into our new home soon. It's going to be so nice to spread out and not have 5 people crammed into 900 sq feet. I can't wait to get to the fun part, decorating. Mom got the kids new bedspreads and I'm so anxious to fix up their rooms. I don't have pictures of the inside because it's still just the studs and wiring, not very pretty, but when the sheetrock starts to go up I'll post more pictures.

Our new house is 2 miles off the main highway. It's going to be so nice to hear cows, crickets, birds, and frogs instead of jake brakes and thumping bass from the souped up sound systems of teenagers vehicles. I'm expecting a large jump in hearing aid sales in the next generation.

So here it is, the latest progress of our new home.

I would have taken the picture from straight on, but the mud was knee deep and I didn't feel like wading it.

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