Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We are getting slammed by a major ice storm. Right now we are without electricity, but have a generator, so I'm posting while I can, you may not hear from me for several days. We have limbs down all over the yard, and dead (thankfully) power lines across the driveway and county road.

We slid to Mom's to get her because she was without electricity, too, so we're all here together, at least we have tv for a little while! Say a prayer for all the people in our area, we have power poles that have been snapped like matchsticks, and power lines down everywhere you look. The square at Salem looks like a bomb has gone off, no tree is intact. Casey is still at work (North Arkansas Electric) and called to tell me not to expect her home for a couple of days, the Co-op is feeding them and they are taking shifts answering phones. I just pray that this storm ends soon so the electric guys can start repairing and replacing power poles and lines. The power crews just had to give up today because as soon as they got a line fixed the ice formed on it in another place and it broke again. They can't get out to our rural areas until the storm is over. We've been told not to expect power for at least 3 days, but probably more. We have no water, either, but I did draw up enough to get us through.

I have my cell phone, if anyone wants to call, though! LOL As long as we can get to gasoline we will have heat with the generator.


Erika said...

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear what a devastating time!! That's great that you were able to get your mom and that you can be together! I pray that the ice storm passes and you are back to your normal life in no time!! I pray for warmth and comfort to you and your neighbors!! Keep us updated.

Kimberkv said...

Oh sharmin, I feel for you my friend. I hope you have plenty of gas and am glad you were able to get your mom. DH is working on getting out generator all connected in case we lose power. We have snow and bits of ice right now. Sending prayers and warm thoughts your way.