Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Look out boys, Mamma's got some clippers!

I'm not having a bad hair day, I'm having a bad hair month! I was all set for a new Christmas 'do, (had the appointment on Christmas Eve), but fate had other plans. I've gotten calls from stylists to let me know they were sick or had an appointment and needed to reschedule me, but Kathy (the best stylist, ever!) called December 21st to let me know she was going to have to reschedule me, but the date was uncertain. No one really knew there was a water line that ran through the ceiling, but they know now. Those first really cold days caused it to freeze, and the warm days that followed....well, you can guess what happened next. I can imagine the shock on their faces when the entire ceiling, lights and all, and gallons and gallons of water came crashing down! Thankfully they reopened Tuesday and I should get this mangy mass of unruliness lopped off next week. Too bad they didn't reopen in time to save my boys' manes. Yes, I decided they needed haircuts, and rather than find someone else to do it, I just bought some clippers. Cheap clippers. I got half of hubby's head clipped and had to recharge them. I really should have taken a picture of that one, he was sporting a mullet to rival Billy Ray for about half an hour. (okay, not that long in the back...but it was getting there) Being the resourceful mom I am, I parked hubby on a bench on the deck in 17 degree weather and proceeded to cut his hair. I have to say, it looks pretty darn good....for an amateur barber. Next on the list was the #2 son, the little one. I can manhandle him enough to get his hair done. I did have more compassion and make him sit outside: I parked him on the bathroom vanity, and started buzzing. He's 4, so hair or not, he's still going to be cute. Hubby has finally caught a little of my photography bug, so he snapped a few while I was working him over.


CaseyLynn said...

I Must say Logans Hair Does Look pretty good!!! I could get my cosmetology licence and open up a salon and you could barber away lol. I suppose we could also open up a studio in the back and you could work your photography magic.

Erika said...

Totally cheap, totally convenient AND totally CUTE!
I cut my hubby's hair the same way...just about every week or two. It really saves a lot of $$$ and it's super easy and fast!