Sunday, January 4, 2009

Read the Bible through

Sunday - Romans 1-2
Monday - Genesis 1-3
Tuesday - Joshua 1-5
Wednesday -Psalm 1-2
Thursday - Job 1-2
Friday - Isaiah 1-6
Saturday - Matthew 1-2

As in most churches across the country, we, as Christians, are being challenged to read the Bible completely through in 2009. So many times I have made this resolution, and so many times I've gotten to the books where you have long lists of "begat a son....and the son begat....and begat...and begat..." until the only word I recall from the passage is begat. Then discouragement sets in and I think, "Maybe I'll skip this book." so I usually do, then I get behind, then something comes up and I don't get to read my Bible like I should. You know the old long list of excuses. This year, however, I am challenging myself to stick to it, to read the Bible completely through in a year. Not only am I challenging myself, but our pastor is challenging the whole church. He has even created a handy checklist and reading plan for our convenience. (talk about being spoon fed...I depend on that spoon.) Each Sunday I will do my best to post my list for the week. I hope you can join me and help hold me accountable to read the Bible through this year. And just in case you can't find the post, it will be the one with the Bible (because you know me, I hate to post without a picture!)

***OH, and one more thing, I challenge you to read your Bible for the true history book it is. Put yourself in the places of the people. Think more deeply about the lives and how they managed from day to day. What are some of the struggles of these people. They were REAL flash and blood and their voices should still be heard. If God thought we should know about them don't you think it's worth putting all your effort into?


In His Army said...

Did you write this or did I?? Ha! Because I was thinking some of these exact thoughts. I love the Living By the Book website Bro. Steve has set up also. Don't forget to send me the pictures of the 4 yr old for Christmas night! And I will email you Monty & Shonda's address this week. And if you talk to her, see if she got my gift??!!!! Have a great week!

Erika said...

What a great challenge for 2009!! I know you can do it this time around! That's great that your Pastor has mapped everything out for you & the congregation! Best of luck on your new journey! :o)