Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I don't dream very often, but when I do it's a DOOZY!  I saw a talk show one day where the guest was interpreting dreams....I think it was Dr. Phil, and I just wondered what in the world they would think of my dreams.  There are probably no words to describe my dreams other than "Huh?" 

For example:  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, after that 2:30 bathroom run, I had snuggled back into my warm bed and drifted off to dreamland.  It's really funny how things from your childhood resurface in you dreams, things you hadn't thought of in years.  Yep, the past returned last night, but it was so....modern!  There were no 1977 to mid '80's clothing, everything was modern.  So why is this such a big deal?  Because THIS is what my dream was about......

Howdy, and welcome to Dogpatch, USA!
Yep, I was in the thriving metropolis of Dogpatch, USA, nestled in the hills between Harrison and Jasper, Arkansas.  I was showing Logan all the fun sights of Dogpatch, like the trash suckers (those things were a little scary, they would suck the trash right out of your hand!), the antique cars, and the paddleboats. (Loved those paddleboats)  There we were on the very fancy (yes, this one was fancy) dock of the paddleboats, and what was I doing?..spending most of my time fishing my youngest child out of the water.  He could swim, but he wanted to swim rather than ride the boats. 

Now this is where it gets kind of strange.... Maybe I was needing a massage or something, because there was a SPA at Dogpatch which also housed a very upscale salon, and guess who the salon manager was...non other than our pastor's wife, Sandy.  (told you it got a little strange)  Oh, and Amanda (my friend who owns the gym) was there, too.  Weird....really weird.

Unfortunately, Dogpatch USA closed in the late '80's or early 90's, but I always had so much fun at the hick town in the hills.  I found a few pictures (I need to dig through some of our old ones, I know there are some Dogpatch pictures in there) on the internet.  This is General Cornpone who must have been pretty important...and short since he looks like he's riding a goat.  I'm not sure of the date (I'm guessing 70's check out that hairdo and those clothes).

 Sadly, this is what has become of General Cornpone...poor goat.  The last time I drove past Dogpatch, I cold see holes in the roofs of the buildings.  It's really sad to see something you loved fall into disrepair, but that's just a part of change. 

The ice rink at Marble Falls is long gone, too. For kids growing up in Arkansas, ice skating was a HUGE deal. Mom and my aunt would load us up and we'd go ice skating. We would leave wet, cold, exhausted, and happy filled with memories of happy days spent with cousins (well, except for that time Karen couldn't stop, ran into the back of me, and I fell on the toe picks on her ice skates, but bruises fade and we keep the memories).

I'd love to go back to Dogpatch just to look around, take a few pictures, and relive some childhood memories. 


The Dean is in... said...

It is so sad that some of the places we loved visiting as children close up before we get to share them with our children and grandchildren. We had an amusement park in OKC and there was one here in Tulsa that both closed down when I was in my teens. I enjoyed looking at the DogPatch cartoon strip, it is gone now, too, isn't it?

Sharmin said...

Yes, the Dogpatch cartoon is long gone, too. It's a shame, because Dogpatch USA was a fun place to spend an afternoon.

When I was a kid we went to Bell's Amusement Park when we were in Tulsa visiting friends. (I think that was the name of it) I remember that being lots of fun.