Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a week.

My intentions to be a better blogger just haven't come to fruition lately.  Last Thursday morning, before school, Logan said he didn't feel very well, and being the sympathetic mom I am, I told him to tough it out, he would be fine when he got to school, so he grudginly conceded...not that it would have done any good to argue, but that's another post entirely.  He went with Chris and Austin to A's shooting sports practice after school, but kept asking to go to the truck because he was cold.  He came in, flopped on the couch, covered up to his nose, and refused to move.  Being the doting mother that I am (or maybe it was a little remorse), I took his temp., 102.7.   Oops!  Mom goofed, he really was sick, not just faking this time.  This kid rarely runs fever, so if he is lethargic and has a temp that high, I know he's really sick.  I guess I'm just one of those moms who doesn't get too excited about things, so I started Tylenol and sent him to Nana's Friday morning.  He still had a temp of over 100, and Friday night it was 101.something (we were tired, I don't remember).  He ran a temp over 100 all weekend...even hitting 103.4 Saturday...not fun.  Monday morning I needed answers, so we loaded up and went to see Doc Tucker. (he's the best)  Because his throat wasn't red, his ears weren't red, and he wasn't congested we had to do some blood work to figure out what was going on in that little body.  When we explained how they would draw blood he said, "I don't think so!"  We compromised, I let him play Angry Birds on my phone while the nurse drew blood.  I held the phone and he played left handed...hey, I tried bribes of "I'll take you anywhere you want to eat." but he's wise to that trick...and didn't have an appetite so he could care less, he did request a cherry limeade, though.  The bloodwork showed a very low white count, which meant some kind of virus, but it wasn't flu (they checked), so we had to let it run it's course.  Joy....not!  

Trying to be brave and not cry .
By Monday afternoon, though, his fever broke, all on its own, with no help from Tylenol or ibprofen.  I know this because we were out of Tylenol, and I found the chewable ibuprofen tablets stuck down in the side of the couch while I was remote control fishing.  He said they were yucky and he didn't like them.  Now I have to treat him like and inmate and have them take them while standing in front of me, then open his mouth to show me that he really did take them.  Aren't little boys fun?

While we were home Tuesday (I took a day to stay home with him, trying to make up for sending a sick kid to school), so I worked on a poster for a friend.  She's doing a really fun thing for Relay for Life.  Forget walkathons and bikeathons, this is ZUMBATHON, baby!  I love doing Graphic design.  I love creating something from scratch, and I want to do lots, lots more, so if you know someone who needs a poster/t-shirt/flier/photo/bookmark/wanted poster, whatever, pass my name along.  I need some work for summer when school's out....and there's this new camera lens I've got my eye on....

This will be a superFUN event to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Logan and I stuck close to home through Tuesday, but went back to school Wednesday.  He was feeling better, still didn't have much of an appetite...but what else is new with him?  He only likes food if it's covered with ketchup!  You ask if he's feeling better now....just look at this picture!  I think my boy is back to normal, although this is the first time he's tried to stand on his head on the couch.....

Back to his normal, bouncy self.  If I didn't know better I'd swear we were raising Tigger!
 I'm looking forward to the weekend, but it's going to be busy.  At least the time changes soon and the days will be longer...I love spring!

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Shelley Ledbetter said...

I'm glad that Logan is feeling better. Loved the pic of him standing on his head on the couch.