Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Counting down…..

This is it.  This is the long-awaited week.  The week that seemed an eternity away when school began in August.

Thursday night at 8pm he will walk across the gym floor and accept his high school diploma.  Time has flown by at light speed.

It’s difficult for me to wrap my head around the idea that my little boy (now 6’ 2” at 17) will graduate high school in 2 days.  It will seem even more surreal when we show up on Friday at the Mountain Home campus of Arkansas State University and register him for classes.

Austin & "Red" at the North Central Arkansas District Fair.

National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY…He's the head above everyone in the second row.

He’s my laid-back kid.  He doesn’t get excited easily.  He is the one with the quick wit and dry sense of humor.  He’s an outdoorsman and usually has a gun or fishing rod in his truck.  He likes the farm and has no desire to live in the city.  He’s a country boy.  Mud doesn’t bother him (just look at his truck after the rain).   He’s always been the one who wasn’t embarrassed to hug his mamma in front of his friends.  He’s kind hearted.  He’s a hard worker.  He knows Christ.  

Around 18 months…he loved the camo overalls.

His dad and I are proud of him.  That little tow-haired, active boy, who was fiercely protective of his mamma, (ask Lance about that) is now a man.  He will be 18 in July. 

He is planning to pursue a degree in Agri Business.  I always knew he would do something with animals, or land, or farming.  I pray that we have prepared him to step out into the world.  I pray for his present and for his future.   I pray for him to be a man of God.  

It seems like only yesterday he was a baby, and I blinked and he was grown.  I am anxious to see what his future holds.

Austin, I love you to the moon and back.

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Meet Lindsay said...

That is so sweet! Austin is a wonderful person and I'm so happy for him. You've got good kids and you definitely should be proud. Love y'all!