Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Changing colors

I had to do it, I love Monet, but that background with the little ball of sunshine made it look like something weird was in every photo. I like the way the dark background make the photos show up, anyway.

Today is yet another snow day for us. This will put us at least 1 week later getting out of school. I never thought I'd be ready to go back to school, but the boys are driving me NUTS! Austin still doesn't feel well, and Logan knows just which buttons to push to annoy him. It seems like I've spent most of the morning saying, "Leave him alone, put that down, be nice to your brother, he's younger than you - be nice!" I've finally sent them to neutral corners with no TV.

With that said, there are some moments that I cherish greatly. Lilly, my neice, had her adenoids out Friday, Mom went down Thursday night to help. Tuesday night, Austin and Logan sat at the dining table and painted pictures for Lilly and made get well cards. The got along so well, shared the paint, and never fussed. I need to remind them how much they love each other.

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The Garners said...

They look so cute working together! How is Lilly?