Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by my friend Kristi and quoting from her blog here are the rules:
"The point of this fun game is to answer the questions, then tag 4 of your friends and post their names on your blog. Might want to leave them a message telling them they've been tagged. Oh, and absolutely no retagging."

So here we go; random facts from my life.

Where Were You 10 Years Ago?
10 Years ago… Feb. 1998, I was living in Ash Flat, teaching school in Evening Shade. Lance (my baby brother) was a senior in high school and we followed him to many, many basketball games that year. Casey was in the 4th or 5th grade (I don't remember which one), and Austin was almost 2. It was my 2nd year of teaching, too.

5 Things On My To-Do List:
Only 5? That is funny!!!
1. Conquer Laundry least knock it back to foothill size....then get ALL the laundry folded, hung up, and put away.
2. Remember to get the mirrors for the downstairs bathrooms from Mom's house and get them hung up so the kids can see what they're doing when they brush their teeth. I also need to get some of my big pictures (Gone With The Wind puzzle, complete with frame) moved home from Mom's and hung up somewhere.
3. Sweep, mop, dust, vaccuum, clean bathrooms, pick up toys, clean the kitchen....wait, that's not a list, that's just life!
4. Finish the numerous projects I have going on both at home and at school. I've really got to work the on the Praisebooking Scripture challenges, I'm only 4 behind now....but there have only been 4 posted. Isn't that sad?
5. Find some quiet time for me every day when I can take my Bible and a Bible study book and spend time focusing my mind where it needs to be, solely on Him. I knew I should have put a lock on our closet door, locking them out is about the only way I can do something like that, but I just HAVE to make some time for me to refresh my spirit.

3 Bad Habits:
{3! Okay 3 is good....for anyone who knows me very well, SHHHHHHH!}
1. Taking laundry out of the dryer, dropping it into a basket, and never getting it where it needs to go. The exception to this rule, towels! I know who's using which towels and I keep up with it. No snitching towels out of my closet and making me think I put them there, Huh huh, nope!
2.I get distracted way too easily! I'll start something, then pick up something else, then find another thing that needs to be done, and NOTHING ends up getting completely finished. I seriously think I have adult ADD!
3. I am really, really bad to procrastinate....but more about that tomorrow.

Places I Have Lived:
1. Flippin, Arkansas (yes, Heather, it's a real place and people like their town, they're not talking ugly about it.) I lived here until I was 11, then ended up back here after I married the first, uhm, time. (I'll be nice)
2. Viola, Arkansas. We moved here from Flippin when I was 11, I lived here until I went off to college in 1985, then got married and moved away. I got unmarried, finished college, and finally ended up back in Viola in the fall (August) of 1999.
3. Harrison, AR (not a fun time living there so we'll just skip that one, but moved from Flippin to Harrison with the 1st X, this is where it all ended)
4. Conway, Arkansas! This was a great one for me. I took my 3 year old daughter, stepped out on faith, and went back to college. I lived here from August of 1992 - May 10, 1996 and left Conway and the University of Central Arkansas with a BSE degree in my hand!
5. Cherokee Village/Ash Flat, Arkansas for the 3 years I taught at Evening Shade school
6. Viola, AR. I've come almost full circle
Kristi said she was a true Hoosier at heart since I has lived in Indiana all of her life, I can sum up my life and places I've lived with 3 simple words.......WHOOOOO PIGS, SOOOIE!

Things Most People Don't Know About Me:
I'm a pretty open book, if I goof up there's always someone there to remind me, but these may be slightly interesting.....or at least good for a laugh.
1. I won a talent show when I was 7 or 8 (I know this because I was missing 2 front teeth) I sang "I Wish I Was A Teddy Bear". I think it was done by Donna Fargo.
2. I stuck my tongue to the ice on the inside of my Mamaw and Papaw's fridge. My tongue stuck, but I pulled it off (left the end) before Mamaw could warm water and get it loose.
3. I got married at 19 amid many rumors (started by my Dad's neighbors) that I was pregnant. That was June of 1986, and Casey was born September of 1988....2 years and 3 months, gosh, that was a looooong pregnancy! (she said sarcastically)
4. I someday want to be a world traveler. I'd love to see the artwork in Italy and France, the Greek ruins, the Roman Colisseum, Kanaroos and Joeys in Australia, the green hills of Ireland, and the rolling hills of Scotland. I also wanna go to Loch Ness, just to see if I can see Nessie. I really want to go to the UK (Colchester, Essex, England to be exact) and see Jeannette and the wonderful misson opportunity they have. It's called Nightstop. If you want to know more about it just email me or leave me a comment and I'll direct you to the head lady, herself. They take in teens who have noplace to go and get them into a safe, Christian environment. It's changing lives!

Here Are The Lucky People I Tag:
1. Jamie
2. Jen (perspective from the parsonage)
3. Judy (His doorkeeper)
4. Carla J.
It's pretty sad when you don't have a huge "buddy list" to choose from!

Now, remember, no tag backs, girls!


Pilgrim Mom said...

:) Thanks for sharing, Sharmin! Do you have any friends to loan me? I think Kristi may have used everyone up! :O

Kristi said...

Sharmin, thanks for posting the tag! I enjoyed reading all of it. Evening Shade? Like the old TV show?

The Garners said...

I enjoyed reading this! Can I go with you to all those places when you decide to go!? Thanks for tagging me--I'm too sleepy to type any more tonight, but will do this soon! :)