Sunday, February 10, 2008

Captured Moments....

What do you think of the name "Captured Moments" for a photography business? Lindsay and I are branching out, we've decided to turn the hobby into a little side business. She's the salesman and has a wedding for us March 22. (which is also our anniversary....Chris and me) After that wedding I will take engagement pictures for a friend, then engagment and wedding pictures for my daughter's best friend. It's going to be busy, but that's good. I hope we can get a few Senior picture sessions in there, too, those are always fun!

This has been an eventful weekend. We really thought we had lost our youngest dog, CJ. Someone stopped and told our neighbor he hit him. This guy drives like a crazed lunatic (he may be a crazed lunatic, who knows?) and last week I saw him deliberately try to run CJ down. We searched for 2 or 3 hours for him Friday night with no luck. Saturday morning I told the boys what had happened, and Austin went out looking for him. He started at 7:30 and around 10:00 he finally gave up. I felt so sorry for him. Around 11:15 the neighbor's daughter spotted CJ, he was hobbling his way home on 3 legs. We called around and finally found a vet (ours and half the others I called were gone to a vet convention), so the kids and I took him to All Creatures in Mtn. Home. Poor CJ has a broken shoulder, but it looks like that's all. They kept him this weekend and will call me tomorrow to let me know what the next step will be. This $20 Humane Society rescue dog may end up being quite expensive, but he means so much to the boys....and to me, too, it will be okay. I just hope he doesn't think we've deserted him since he's at the vet's office without us. I'll be glad to get him home. Darrell (our other dog) is lost without him. He's been whining and looking around for him. When we got out of the truck yesterday after taking CJ, Darrell kept looking in the truck and looking all around for him. Last night Darrell slept in CJ's bed. He's so sad without his buddy, he even refused a doggie treat, he's usually the one who tries to get CJ to "accidentally" drop his so he can have it, too.

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The Garners said...

I think that's a great business name! Good luck with it!

I hope your dog has a speedy recovery--I feel so bad for him! We're so attached to our dog too. Micaela laughed so hard one night when I said, "Oh, Bogart gets on my nerves sometimes, but I guess I'd throw myself in front of a bus for him if I had to." :)