Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't be jealous....

..but I probably have one of the most romantic husbands in the world. Yesterday afternoon he brought me my Valentine's Day gift.....brand new....wiperblades for the windshield wipers on my car. He even installed them for me. See, I knew you would be jealous. Even though I did have a slight fever and felt like a square peg that had been pushed through a round hole, I made my family a gourmet meal....Hamburger Helper with corn (from a can) and green beans (from a can), but we did have fresh pineapple (yes, the can said it was fresh) for dessert. We washed it all down with a lovely vintage of Hawaiian Punch....then I took some Tylenol and went to bed.

Let it rain, I'm ready!

Oh, and CJ ran (okay, hobbled) out of the garage to meet us this afternoon then went out into the yard and field to explore a little. He's back in his bed now, but it was very encouraging to see him want to get out and try to get around. He's adapting to his uniqueness. I need to go take some pictures of him just to let him know we still think he's handsome...even if he does just have 3 legs.

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