Monday, February 11, 2008

Made a tough decision today

These are our dogs Darrel (on the left) and CJ (on the right) Some fool was driving way to fast on our dirt road and hit CJ Friday night. We looked and looked for 3 hours Friday night and Austin started looking at 7:00 Saturday morning. He finally hobbled up to us around 11:00 Saturday morning. We had to search to find a vet who was open, but All Creatures in Mtn. Home said to bring him right over. We knew he was hurt, but didn't know how hurt. It was really hard when the vet called me and told me we didn't have many options for CJ. His leg and shoulder were shattered and even with sending him to a pricey orthopedic vet in Little Rock, there would be no guarantee they could save his leg, not to mention the months, maybe years of pain he would be in. I talked to the vet about all the different options and finally just asked her what she would do if he were hers. She said she's always the first one to try to save a leg, but in this case the best scenario for him would be to amputate his leg. I'll admit it, I cried, I just couldn't stand the thought of him being in pain and suffering for the rest of his life. He just had his first birthday in November! After agonizing for a while, and angonizing to Chris about what we should do, I made the decision for them to remove his leg. She called me back this afternoon and told me he made it through the surgery just great. He was on pain meds, but his breathing was still fast and somewhat labored, even though x-rays showed no internal injuries. After the surgery, his breathing was normal. He was in so much pain the pain shots weren't working, and since they removed the shattered leg and shoulder, his pain is much better. That's what I wanted to hear. We should have him home tomorrow afternoon, but not until after a trip to the pet store (All Pet and Equine is a very cool store) for a new dog bed. I think CJ deserves even a heated bed.

During all this, Darrell, our other dog has roamed around completely lost; he's been howling at night for no reason, and will NOT let you get out of his sight when we're outside. He just does not like being the solitary animal, he has to have friends or people. He's been sleeping in CJ's bed since he's been gone, so I think he deserves a new bed, too (maybe not heated for him, though).

Last summer CJ cut his foot and hobbled around on 3 legs. Chris and the boys started calling him Tripod. I told him today that he had spoken it into existance. He really needs to watch that! CJ or Tripod, whatever they end up calling him, he will be just as loved (and probably more papered) with 3 legs as he was with 4. We will have the most unique dog in the neighborhood, I'm just glad he won't be in pain.

Through all of this, I can definitely say I highly recomment "All Creatures Veterinary Clinic" in Mtn. Home. They have been so good and never tried to push us into anything. I was very impressed with their clinic, too. I think we may have found a new vet.


Sharmin said...

Okay, the pictures were supposed to post side by side, but somehow that didn't happen! CJ is the one in the top photo, Darrell's on the bottom.

His Doorkeeper said...

So sorry about your dog but i have seen lots of dogs with just three legs and it doesn't seem to slow them down! All Creatures in a good place and also the vets in Flippin(Animal Clinic of the Ozarks) are really great too! A little far for you to come but both have great doctors!

Hope CJ is doing good. I believe in praying for your animals, so CJ is on my list!!